Greed, Desperation and Betrayal in Mallorca: Part I

This week I’m going to tell you about one tourist attraction in Mallorca that got greedy, wanted too much, stabbed its loyal collaborators in the back – more than once – and then made a big fat mess, realised it did in fact need the support, and tried to backtrack to the way things were…

Best Value Gastronomic Menu In Mallorca

My experience at Celler Can Amer in Inca was of the best gastronomic menu in Mallorca. I was so impressed that I just had to share…

Beneath Mallorca’s Surface – The Cova Tancada

Did you know that this cave existed in the north of Mallorca, near Alcudia? It’s called the Cova Tancada – the closed cave – and is one of Mallorca’s real treasures and best kept secrets, with huge dramatic underground chambers that just keep opening up and seem to go on forever.

A Delicious Slice of Mallorca’s history

There is one reason and one reason only why I’ve put on so much weight this winter. QUELY BISCUITS! Well, okay, maybe there are other reasons too, like the irresistible homemade pasta every day during my backpacking trip in Tuscany… But that’s another story. No, I blame Quely (pronounced “Kelly”) Biscuits.

The Best Driving Tour of Mallorca’s Villages

I’m sure you know by now that Mallorca is much more than sun, sea and sand, but were you aware of just how quaint and beautiful some of Mallorca’s villages are? Today I’m taking you on one of the best driving tours of some of Mallorca’s most beautiful and typical villages…

Winter Activities in Photos

Every time our Winter Activities group heads out on an adventure I make a photo album and upload it to my Flickr account. That way you, I and all the members of our group can access and stay up to date with the beautiful visits that we make.

  • Life in the Rainforest

  • rainforest

    The Whole Rainforest Blog

    Searching for tarantulas on the night trek, being almost abducted by an over-friendly orangutan, sleeping in the open-air on an Indonesian river boat, and having the time of our lives in the jungle… These are just a few things that I have shared with you on this rainforest blog.

  • Why Stay On A Klotok For Three Nights

    Why Stay On A Klotok For Three Nights

    Okay, this is why stay on a klotok for three nights as opposed to two or four, not why stay on a klotok for three nights (or any number of nights for that matter) at all. Why would you choose to stay on a klotok in Kalimantan for three nights instead of two nights?

  • camp leakey trek

    What To Do When An Orang-utan Tries to Kidnap You

    Camp Leakey Trek Well, we still have a little way to go until the end of February, so that means that our Destination of the Month is still The Rainforest, and I still have a few things to share with you from my amazing trip in Indonesian Borneo.

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  • Greed, Desperation and Betrayal in Mallorca: Part III

    The coach that the park had put on to take people from the north of Mallorca to its venue doors could not, after having already been around Can Picafort and Alcudia, wait around for another half hour for the people from Puerto Pollensa to be brought by mini-bus to Alcudia . The people from Puerto Pollensa would […]

  • Greed, Desperation and Betrayal in Mallorca: Part II

    This week I’m sharing with you what’s been going on in Mallorca’s tourism war. And over this three part series I’ll be showing you what happens when a major attraction gets ambitious and arrogant and thinks it doesn’t need those who’ve always supported it… Wonder which attraction? You’ll have to wait and see… As I told you in […]

  • Winter Activities

    Introducing Winter Activities Mallorca

    Winter Activities is the name of our intrepid group of friends and excursionists in Mallorca. You’ve heard me mention our Winter Activities group before but today I’m going to introduce you properly.

  • orang-utans

    Orang-utans, Crocodiles, Lizards, Monkeys. And Us!

    My time in Kalimantan was not all about orang-utans. The list of animals that we saw in the rainforest reads like something out of The Jungle Book. Obviously, when you go to one of the two only islands in the world where orang-utans can be found, you expect to encounter the odd orang-utan and so the […]

  • klotok tour itinerary

    Klotok Tour Itinerary

    Here I’m going to outline for you the exact klotok tour itinerary that we followed. If you are seriously thinking about going to Borneo and staying on a klotok for a few days then you need to have your itinerary clear. We were four people and we paid 7,500,000 (seven and a half million) rupiahs

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