Sri Lanka Accommodation Review: Leisure Mount View, Haputale

By the time we got to Haputale we were ready to stay somewhere nice. Not that our previous accommodations in Sri Lanka hadn’t been nice. But Leisure Mount View in Haputale was really in another league.

Riding The Trains Through Sri Lanka’s Hill Country

Hey guys, what’s up? Sorry for the recent neglect! I assure you it is not from lack of love, but purely busy-ness, what with finishing up work for the season and then taking a few amazing trips in Spain… But let’s backtrack there a bit; I’ll tell you about those things all in good time.

Sri Lanka Accommodation Review: Punsisi Rest, Dalhousie

There are plenty of places to stay in Dalhousie, where most visitors base themselves for hiking Adam’s Peak. None of them are particularly good value so I suppose that Punsisi Rest is just as good as any. Punsisi Rest was centrally located in Dalhousie and was reasonably comfortable for one night.

Leaving Adam’s Peak, Best Breakfast in Dalhousie & How to get to Hatton

On our way down from Adam’s Peak we were seduced by aromas from the breakfast delights that the stalls and tea huts were cooking up. We didn’t want to stop and eat though, as we were desperate for a shower and now that it was well after sunrise, the day was getting hotter by the second.

Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka: To Climb or Not To Climb?

When I was planning this trip to Sri Lanka I wasn’t sure about Adam’s Peak. I had read that it was HARD and frankly, I didn’t know if I could hack it. I discussed it with Toni and he suggested we give it a go.

Dalhousie Photo-Walk – In The Rain

When Toni and I arrived in Dalhousie, Sri Lanka we had two priorities: find somewhere to stay, then eat. We’d had an early start from Kandy and a terrifying bus journey through the hills from Hatton to Dalhousie and now we needed food.

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    How to get from Kandy to Dalhousie

    It’s a tricky one that; how to get from Kandy to Dalhousie. And that’s for two reasons: There is another much bigger and more popular Dalhousie in India, which comes up in every internet search. Dalhousie in Sri Lanka is tiny and, despite being the gateway to Adam’s Peak, is little-known.

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    Black Market Train Tickets in Sri Lanka

    Kandy If you have been to Sri Lanka you will know that buying train tickets for reserved seats is quite complicated as they go like hot-cakes. The only way you are going to manage to buy the type of train ticket you want, with reserved seating, is if you are super organised

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    Where to Stay in Kandy

    We booked our accommodation for Kandy in advance. It was one of only two places in Sri Lanka where we did so, the other being Colombo for our first night in the country. You see, it is very easy to find accommodation in Sri Lanka. It is everywhere, in the form of small guesthouses and […]

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    Thought Street Food Didn’t Exist in Sri Lanka? Think Again

    Let me introduce you to SHORT EATS: Sri Lanka’s answer to street food. For me, short eats in Sri Lanka were the most exciting of snacks and the closest thing to street food that the country had to offer.

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    There’s More to Life than Kandy!

    I’m glad I went to Kandy because, well, everyone goes to Kandy and I’d feel like I’d missed out if I hadn’t. If I’m perfectly honest though, Kandy was a bit crap. I’m glad we only had one full day there.

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