Don’t Miss a Great Day in Ella

This post is about my one full day in Ella, visiting Little Adam’s Peak, walking through the tea country, walking on the train tracks and to the spectacular Nine Arch Bridge. Followed by the ride from Hell on a public bus and cheeky monkeys at Ella Rawana Falls

Because we had extended our stay in Haputale to do this excursion, in order to stick to the rest of our plan we had left ourselves only one full day in Ella.

It’s true that we could also have extended this too, but we were a bit burnt out from so much sightseeing and activities and we were keen to head to the beaches.

So this is what we did in Ella during the one day that we had…

One Day in Ella

This is roughly the route that we took and the places we visited during the first part of our day in Ella:

Begin with a good breakfast

We were up bright and early and at 7:30am we were already having breakfast on the terrace at our guesthouse. And what a fantastic breakfast it was!

breakfast in sri lanka

Hoppers, tea and coconut sambol

Homemade hoppers, sambol, plenty of fruit and, as always, bucket-loads of tea.

These hoppers were possibly the best we’d had to date in Sri Lanka and we ate the lot!

If you aren’t familiar with hoppers or Sri Lankan food, read this post about breakfast in Sri Lanka.

Little Adam’s Peak

We finally set-off at about 9am. The sun was already high in the sky and we were immediately sweating. (Whoever said that it was cooler in the Hill Country in Sri Lanka?)

We walked from our guesthouse to Little Adam’s Peak and it took us about half an hour to reach the foot of the hill.

Little Adam's Peak and Nine Arch Bridge, Ella

We spied a funky place for a rest and a cup of tea for the way back

Have you heard of Little Adam’s Peak in Ella before? It’s famous for it’s magnificent views of Ella and the surrounding countryside. People are often hesitant about attempting the climb up Little Adam’s Peak because of its name: if you’ve heard of Adam’s Peak and are familiar with what a challenge it is then you’ll understand why.

You can read about the magical hike up the real Adam’s Peak here.

But I can assure you that Little Adam’s Peak is a breeze and really doesn’t merit such a hardcore name. Of course, if you are unfit then you will struggle. But otherwise, don’t be afraid of attempting Little Adam’s Peak; it is a short climb and the views really are spectacular.

Check out the following wonderful views from Little Adam’s Peak and then, below, I will continue with my one day in Ella.

Little Adam's Peak and Nine Arch Bridge, Ella

Almost at the top

Little Adam's Peak and Nine Arch Bridge, Ella

There’s a cracking view of Ella Rock from Little Adam’s Peak

Little Adam's Peak and Nine Arch Bridge, Ella

Enjoying the view

Little Adam's Peak and Nine Arch Bridge, Ella

Me and my Mediterranean Man fooling around with the GoPro

On the way back down, instead of going back to the foot of the hill where we started, we turned off and went towards the Newburgh Green Tea Factory which we had fancied visiting. But when we got there we found it was really expensive so we decided not to bother and we just continued instead. Plus we had been only a few days previously to the Dambatenne Tea Factory in Haputale.

Little Adam's Peak and Nine Arch Bridge, Ella

Shortly after we started our descent we turned off when we saw this sign.

Little Adam's Peak and Nine Arch Bridge, Ella

We walked towards these chalets and through the resort. What a view the people staying here have, huh?

Little Adam's Peak and Nine Arch Bridge, Ella

The postman approaching the Newburg Tea Factory. He stopped for a chat, of course. Nice guy.

Little Adam's Peak and Nine Arch Bridge, Ella

The Newburgh Tea Factory. We didn’t bother visiting in the end because it was quite expensive.

Nine Arch Bridge

So we continued walking and went to the famous and photogenic Nine Arch Bridge. We had to walk along the train tracks a little but we were more than used to that by now.

Read here about our amazing day hiking on the train tracks in Sri Lanka’s Hill Country.

Little Adam's Peak and Nine Arch Bridge, Ella

Amazing view of the Nine Arch Bridge from above

Little Adam's Peak and Nine Arch Bridge, Ella

And back on the train tracks!

And finally we reached the Nine Arch Bridge. What a view. Shame we didn’t get to see a train pass.

Little Adam's Peak and Nine Arch Bridge, Ella

You can see more of my photos of Little Adam’s Peak and the Nine Arch Bridge in my Flickr Album

After hanging around the Nine Arch Bridge, taking photos and enjoying the view we scrambled up a muddy hillside so we didn’t have to walk all the way back up the same way we had come down. It was an actual path but it was quite muddy and very steep.

Little Adam's Peak and Nine Arch Bridge, Ella

That brought us out at this lake

Little Adam's Peak and Nine Arch Bridge, Ella

And we saw these two boys playing near a small shrine. They were polite and sweet. Toni got rid of another of his blow-up footballs.

Then we walked back around to the Umbrella Art Cafe that we’d seen, and had fancied earlier, for a small snack and a cup of tea. It was a welcome break and was just as cool on the inside as on the outside. You can read my Trip Advisor review of Umbrella Art Cafe here.

After that the sun was so strong that we were exhausted so we walked back to our Green Village Homestay and rested for an hour.

Rawana Falls

After recharging our batteries we decided to take the public bus down the hill to Ella Rawana Falls.

Why oh why did I think it was a good idea to get on the public bus? I was practically dangling out of the back door as we hurtled down the sheer hill at breakneck speed, white-knuckling it all the way. In fact it was that short journey that inspired this post about the buses in Sri Lanka.

one day in ella

Rawana Falls

Once we gladly stumbled off the bus we found that there was very little to the waterfall. We were more amused with the monkeys. Those monkeys must be such a pest for the vendors selling coconuts; I can’t imagine how much they must lose from damaged and stolen goods. And I bet it drives them mad when idiot tourists like me come along and encourage them!

Toni bought a grilled corn on the cob from a guy with a half-drum barbecue at the side of the road. Unfortunately I couldn’t face food as my insides were still churning after the death-ride in the bus.

Short afternoon trip to Ella Falls

Anyone for corn on the cob?

After Ella Rawana Falls we had to brave the bus back up the hill to Ella Town. At least it couldn’t go so fast on the way back up. We jumped off at the other end of town and stopped to buy tea at a shop Toni had read about.

Then we strolled through town back to our digs to get ready for our last meal in Ella: a great roti feast at one of the local roti huts.

And that was how I spent my one full day in Ella. Any questions? Planning to visit Ella yourself? Please don’t hesitate to ask.

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  1. Amy says:

    I love Sri Lanka and had a great stay in Ella, the views from Little Adam’s Peak are epic! Oh, I miss those huge, tasty breakfasts too and seeing monkeys everywhere!

    • Lisa says:

      Hey Amy, totally agree!
      Thanks for stopping by. I loved Sri Lanka too, amazing country and people.
      I’m also a fan of your blog, I follow on Feedly. Nice to connect 🙂

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