Alcudia Beach: Travellers’ Choice

According to Trip Advisor, the beach of Port d’Alcudia is the number one Travellers’ Choice for beaches in the whole of Spain. And it’s number three in Europe. And it even has a world ranking at number 25. And guess what: that’s where I live!

I have just got back from Madrid and we have had some beautiful days in Alcudia with glorious sunshine. The beach is deserted and looks absolutely spectacular at any time of the day.

Alcudia beach which runs along the entire bay of Alcudia stretches for 6 miles (10 km) and is Mallorca’s longest. The soft white sand makes for an inviting place to rest your towel at any time of the year. But the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean are what really tempt the tourists who tend to visit during the hottest months.

Travellers' Choice

I especially like it now in January and in the winter months as there are few people around, the sun is not too hot to bear and the views across the bay are spectacular at any time of day.

These last fews days in Alcudia have been gorgeous and clear with blue sky, white sand and bright sunshine. It has been cool enough out of the sun but in the middle of the day in the right spot it has been possible to sunbathe and even get some colour.

Having said that, most people who visit Alcudia Beach visit in the the hot summer months when the beach is busy with tourists staying in the popular resort of Port Alcudia. During that time there is plenty to do like water activities such as banana boats and para-gliding; the beach bars are all open; and there are plenty of boat trips going from the port.

If the main, long, white beach is not your thing and you prefer a more secluded cove, don’t forget that the area of Alcudia has plenty of those too, and not far away from the main resort. My personal favourite is Aucanada Beach, which is not a sandy beach, but rather a bed of springy shingle.

Other beautiful beaches in the vicinity are in the area of Manresa where we have the beaches of San Pedro and San Joan (where you can do a spot of geocaching if you fancy it) and in the area of Barcares, all very close to Alcudia. But the best beach in the whole of Alcudia is Es Coll Baix which is only accessible by boat or by a difficult trek down the cliff and over the rocks. You’ll read about that beach here soon.

So why did the beach of Port Alcudia receive the Travellers’ Choice award from Trip Advisor? Well, quite simply put, it was voted by Trip Advisor’s users. Mallorca receives a whopping 8 million visitors every year and Alcudia is the biggest resort. And of course, the majority of people staying in Alcudia will visit the beach. In fact, some people do nothing but go to the beach on their holidays!

I don’t just think that the volume of visitors make this the Travellers’ Choice, but the fact that the beach is straight out of paradise means that many of these visitors come back year after year to Alcudia.

In the summer there are beach bars open, sun loungers and parasols lining the beach and many sun worshippers – in fact you can smell the coconut oil from miles around! But I prefer the beach on a day like today when the paradise is all for me. Call me selfish, but once you’ve seen my photos you’ll see why…

Port d'Alcudia beach, Travellers' Choice on Trip Advisor

Port d'Alcudia beach, Travellers' Choice on Trip Advisor
Port d'Alcudia beach, Travellers' Choice on Trip Advisor
Port d'Alcudia beach, Travellers' Choice on Trip Advisor

If you would like to see more of the beach photos from today you can find the whole album on Flickr.

To discover more about the beautiful island where I live, click here.

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  1. Encarna says:

    Lovely post Lisa!i agree with you alcudia beach is amazing ,super beautiful and it is a real so proud of our beaches and lifestyle,here in Mallorca we don’t have any kind of stress is a privilege to go for a walk on the beach and find peace and quiet

    • Lisa says:

      I’m not sure I agree with you that we don’t have stress! haha. But I can certainly say that a nice, relaxing few hours at the beach, especially at sunset, helps to put everything in perspective 🙂 Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Encarna x

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