Aquaxana, Las Caldas

“Vive el Agua”

“Vive el Agua” or “Live the Water” is the centre’s motto at Aquaxana, one of the spas at the Gran Hotel Las Caldas where we are staying. And a suitable motto, being that the water really does seem to be alive!

The place is divided into different areas over three floors, which we were free to walk around as we wished, for as long as we wished and in any order. And for much of the time we had the enormous spa to ourselves.

The Ground Floor

Column Room

The column room, also known as the Aquasfera, is a grand, circular room filled with water right up to the walls with just a small circle in the centre filled with spotlights directed up to the circular skylight in the centre of the dome which comprises the roof. Supporting this enormous dome are 12 grand columns.

Twice every day there is a magical light, water and music show during which spectacular jets dance out of the centre of the pool, sometimes reaching right up to the skylight in the centre of the dome.

There is an impressive array of water jets coming from the sides into the centre with dramatic lights and music to accompany. It’s like something out of Las Vegas but you are actually right in the water: all the way around the wall of the circular room are seats in the water with 24 water massage points, directed at different parts of the body.

Jets and Jacuzzis

You can swim from the Aquasfera into another pool, connected by a corridor in the water, which has six powerful shoulder massage jets. The great thing about these jets is that they face each other, not into the pool, so anyone else using the pool doesn’t get splashed.

At the end of this pool is a jacuzzi area facing a huge window through which there are relaxing views of the outdoor spa, which looks intriguing and mysterious, with steam rising off the heated water into the cold air.

Outdoor Spa

From the indoor jacuzzi area you don’t have to get out of the water to go outside; you just swim through a door and you are there. The contrast between the cold that immediately hits your wet face and ears and the warmth that every part of you below the shoulders is feeling from the heated water is invigorating.

In this outside spa there are more buttons to press, setting off jacuzzi bubbles and under water jets to massage your back, and there are also full length jacuzzi beds to lie on while you enjoy jets on your whole body.

From this outdoor spa area you can get into the outdoor swimming pool, or if you, like myself, visit in the middle of winter, you can go back inside before your ears drop off from the cold!

The First Floor

After exploring all of the above on the ground floor, you can take the lift or the stairs to the first floor where you find a balcony in the aquasfera with trendy white rocking chairs and a very zen feel.

You can sit on the rocking chairs or at tables and chairs from where you can watch the light and water show. That way you have the option of seeing the show without having to be below in the water and it also gives another perspective.

The Second Floor

Go up another floor and you find my favourite area, where we find the Turkish bath, the sauna and the contrasting showers.

The sauna and Turkish bath are always switched on and are always hot; not like in other spas where sometimes it’s pot luck.

The Turkish bath and the showers are located together in one area but the to get to the sauna you actually have to walk outside on very cold marble stepping stones past an open air bath.

The delicious warmth which tingles through your body on entering the sauna is wonderful. And the massive sauna has two walls of glass so you can enjoy the views of the green hillside, the outdoor bath and of people hopping in and out of the contrasting showers opposite.

This winter seems to have been the winter of saunas for me! I have been in the biggest saunas imaginable, both here and in Cologne where we visited Claudius Terme spa and experienced a sauna in the snow!

Just around the corner from the Turkish bath is a relaxing solarium with huge glass windows through which the sun streams, which is a great place to take a rest and have a drink from one of the vending machines.

Up on the next floor are more indoor and outdoor terraces for relaxing.

Aquaxana: An Architectural Gem

Every time we went to the Aquaxana it was quiet and on more than one occasion we had not just one area to ourselves but the entire place. We were able to spend hours on end flitting from one area to another, completely undisturbed.

If I have one criticism of this place it is that it is not heated quite enough (though this can be said for the whole hotel). If I sat still for too long in the water I would start to get cold and whenever I got out I was shivering. Of course, this made the effects of the Turkish bath and the sauna even greater.

The Aquaxana building itself is an architectural gem. Though connected to the main hotel building it is set apart as an annexe and is built into the hillside. Clearly a lot of thought went into designing this building to blend in harmoniously with its surroundings in the beautiful village and to stand out as little as possible on the skyline.

Even though the annexe is modern and white it compliments the green hillside and doesn’t cause much disturbance. Due to its curved walls and grass roof it is very pleasing to the eye and if you were to fly over the area in an aeroplane you would only see grass as though it were part of the hillside.

Remember, at this hotel there is another huge spa, called Balneario Real Las Caldas, which has just as many jets, jacuzzis and features as the Aquaxana. I’ll be telling you about it soon… I haven’t had chance to go yet, after spending the whole day at the Aquaxana!

I’ll be in Las Caldas in Asturias for a few more delightful days… read about my experiences here.

I’ll be sharing my top spa experiences in a post here soon. Which is your favourite spa? And why?

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  1. Susana says:

    I really love the Balneario Las Caldas, is one of the best in Spain and number one in Asturias. Best regards.

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