Art Galleries in Palma: L21

L21 art gallery in Palma opened in 2011 with the objective of promoting emerging artists.

I visited L21 during an art tour in Palma. Read about the tour here.

There are several spaces at L21, but the space that we visited was The Apartment, a space that looks, well, like someone’s apartment.

It is a furnished but plain studio apartment and the artist can do whatever he or she wants with it to best showcase their work in the space. It is certainly an interesting gallery to visit if you like contemporary art.

Antonio Gonzalez

When we visited The Apartment at L21, it was Antonio Gonzalez who had his work on show.

The work of Antonio Gonzalez tends to be bold blocks of primary colours on a white canvas. He uses a lot of stripes and circles. They’re the sort of paintings you look at and think “I could do that at home”.

He had decided to strip the apartment to its bare minimum so that the thing that stood out the most was his artwork. He had removed the furniture and cupboards and left nothing more than the wooden shells and frames.

Antonio Gonzalez’s style is to present his work in the simplest way, eliminating everything unnecessary. He took this one step further than just in his artwork, removing the furniture from The Apartment, leaving nothing but the essential pieces.

It’s interesting that now there are contemporary galleries like this one that allow so much licence for the artist himself to express his work in exactly the way he feels appropriate with no boundaries or limits.

I also found it quite interesting that an artist who had been given a whole apartment to work with chose to strip it back to not much more than the generic four white walls of a traditional gallery, making me wonder if he wouldn’t have been more at home at La Caja Blanca.

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  1. susan sykes says:

    I have to agree with you and say “I could do that myself” I don’t really get this sort of art it doesn’t appeal to me at all.

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