Art Galleries in Palma: La Caja Blanca

La Caja Blanca, or the White Box was the first place we visited on our recent art tour of Palma with our Winter Activities group. It is a contemporary art gallery in the centre of Palma.

The name of the gallery comes from the idea that art galleries are four white walls, forming a box, waiting for an artist’s work to grace them. Simple.

La Caja Blanca is a small, independent gallery which specialises in site-specific projects. This means that the artist designs or fits the art especially to the space available.

Noa Lidor

The artist whose work we were discovering here, was Noa Lidor. She is an Israeli living in London. A 38 year old mother and artist.

Noa Lidor had several pieces on display at La Caja Blanca. The first thing we saw was a selection of drawings of doilies.


There were the drawings of doilies and there was a video on a screen on the wall of someone unravelling doilies.

And in the centre of the space were threads hanging from the ceiling.

And here is the concept behind the doilies:

Noa Lidor found a bunch of old ladies who knew how to embroider doilies and she had them make several. Once the old dears had finished, she drew the doilies that they had made.

Then she sat and unravelled them one by one.

She was left with a huge mess of thread. She hung the threads from the ceiling at La Caja Blanca.

Get it?


Well, you see, the idea is a bit philosophical: when an object is used for something, it still has the memory of what it has been before, or what has happened to it before.

You see, the threads that were hanging from ceiling to floor were kinked. They all hung down in wavy lines. This is because it was the very same thread that had previously been wound into an intricate doily. This is the artist demonstrating that the thread knows that it has once been a doily. If the thread had never been used to make these doilies, it would hang down straight from the ceiling.

Another example of this concept could be when you knock a glass of red wine over on a white table cloth and you can’t get the stain out. (okay, that’s my own example so I don’t know if it’s right or not!)

War Paintings

Apparently after the exhaustion of playing with the doilies, Noa Lidor had to have a two year break to reflect. When she came back it was with lots of postcard-sized paintings of things to do with war, like tanks and dead people.

These postcards looked as though a child had painted them, and apparently Noa Lidor works also with autistic children and that’s where the childish style came from. I wonder if she also works with blind children because there is a lot of braille featured in her works.

The paintings are her thoughts on the trouble in Israel.

Broken Hourglass

The last piece that we saw by Noa Lidor at La Caja Blanca was a pile of glass and a heap of sand.

There was a video showing her breaking an hourglass with a hammer. Then she was separating the glass from the sand with tweezers.

Apparently breaking the hourglass is her way of rebelling against time. Time is passing her by and there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Maybe if she spent less time picking pieces of glass out of sand with tweezers and more time getting stuff done, she might do better. Just a thought.

What do you think? Do you know Noa Lidor’s work? Have you been to La Caja Blanca? Read more about this art tour in Palma here.

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  1. susan sykes says:

    Not for me, I liked the doilies as they were!!!! I think that is a piece of art in itself, and it looks like a spirograph drawing, I am like you I don’t think I really understand art nor do I want to.

    • Lisa says:

      Good take on the doilies. True, no one seems to recognise that it in itself is art. Was quite sad to see it destroyed. I felt bad for the old dears that had made them! I wonder if they know that they are hanging in an art gallery in strands!

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