Art in Mallorca

This month, for our Destination of the Month, we are looking at art in Mallorca.

Nope, this is not an April fool’s. I’m serious.

You probably already know that I, personally, am not a fan of art in general. And I know that that is a real generalisation. What I mean is that I don’t appreciate or understand much art at all and that when I visit a new city, I would much rather visit a history museum than an art museum. And even then, I’d rather not visit a museum at all.

I’d much sooner do a historical guided walk, a cooking class or a beer / wine tour. I’d rather sit down and chat with locals or visit a market. I like to learn in a way that’s hands on and fun, so traditional museums don’t really do it for me. Especially if they are art museums.

If you’re a bit like me then you’re going to enjoy this upcoming section of my blog. Here I’m going to try to make art in Mallorca a little bit more fun and accessible. And this is as much for myself as it is for you, believe me.

art in mallorca

Getting a-head at Es Revellar art hotel

So for this month, you will step into my shoes and we will tackle Mallorca’s art scene together…

  • We will join a guided walk with a professional art expert who will show us how to interpret contemporary art. Don’t worry, there’s a glass of wine afterwards.
  • We will have an interview with a real artist in Mallorca who will be able to shed a little light on the situation.
  • And we will even be lucky enough to stay at an art hotel.

Don’t worry, we aren’t doing any of the typical stuff that people do who want to see art in Mallorca, like traipsing around Es Baluard Museum. That: you can easily do without me.

So are you up for it? We can at least give it a go, can’t we? And even if we don’t really end up appreciating art in a traditional way, we will have learnt something and we will have certainly have had a laugh…

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