Beer Tour – Best Way to See Prague!

I have just got back from a very cold few days in Prague. Prague is a beautiful city and is well worth a visit. It’s small enough to have everything close by but is large enough to have plenty to offer.

The problem with Prague at this time of year is that it is cold. And I mean cold. I went from 18 degrees in Palma to -7 degrees in Prague – that was a shock to the system! And during my stay it just got colder and colder.

So in between all the wandering around the city looking at monuments and famous clocks, you have to find a way to get out of the cold every now and then.

Being out and about at night is pretty unbearable in those temperatures, but my boyfriend and I found a way to stay warm and still see the city: The Beer Tour!

Beer in Prague

Czech beer is apparently the best in the world and the Czechs themselves are famous for drinking it. There is more beer consumed in the Czech Republic per capita than any other country in the world.

So as you can imagine, I had great expectations for this beer. Obviously I had drank Czech beer before but now I was going to drink the real deal; locally brewed Czech beer. After my recent disappointment in Germany with the beer, I am delighted to say that I was far from disappointed in Prague: the beer was excellent, the best I’ve ever had. Hats off to the Czechs. I did not have one bad beer – and I had plenty!

So why is Czech beer a cut above the rest? Well, the Czech Republic has a very long and interesting history with regard to beer. Much of the beer in Prague was originally brewed in monasteries. I’m not going to go into the whole brewing history of Prague and the Czech Republic but if you are interested to know more, here is a link to good old Wikipedia, which gives some fascinating facts about the history of Czech beer: Beer in the Czech Republic

We booked on the beer tour so that we could learn a bit about how the beer is brewed, about the different types of beer and mainly just to have fun. And have fun we did.

There are plenty of beer tours available in Prague and I’m sure they’re all fairly similar. But we were very pleased with the one that we booked which was the Sandeman’s tour.

We met Tijo, our guide, in the Bohemia Bagel cafe, the official meeting point for the tour. If you’re not sure how to find that cafe, you will see guides from the tour company standing in the busy squares with a red umbrella. We hadn’t actually booked the tour; we just turned up and paid on the spot (15€ including 3 half litre beers in the different bars). There were just two other guys joining the tour so that made five of us in total including the guide.

We started out at the Beer Museum, which is a bar not a museum. This place has an impressive selection of draught beers and offers the option of five mini beers to take as a taster. It was a great place to start the night.

Beer in Prague

We visited another two bars where we drank different beers and Tijo explained different things about the Czech drinking culture and the beers themselves.

We finished in a basement club where we were served our last beer and where the tour finished. We stayed for a round or two more with our new friends before stumbling out into the freezing night to try to remember how to get to the tram stop.

All in all this tour was well worth doing and I’d recommend you to try it if you are in Prague. And if you like beer, of course.

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  1. Richard says:

    Gutted I missed out on a tour like this. Which was your favourite beer?

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