Best Bargains in Leeds: Charity Shops

Hi readers, my name is Susan. I’m Lisa’s mum and I love travelling just as much as she does!

I live in Leeds, so Lisa asked me to write a guest post for her about something that I love doing in the city. After thinking for a while about the many things that Leeds has to offer I thought I’d tell you about one of my favourite pastimes in Leeds City Centre: charity shop shopping!

British Heart Foundation Leeds

Charity Shop Corner

Yes, I know that Leeds is the shopping centre of the North: we have Harvey Nics, The Victoria Quarter with lots and lots of designer shops and we have the brand new Trinity Centre (which I will tell you about in here in the future). But to be honest who can afford to shop at designer shops? – not me anyway. Besides it’s fashionable to recycle or upcycle and so that’s what I tell everyone: I’m being fashionable.

The best charity shop is opposite the famous Leeds Market. It’s the British Heart Foundation shop and the bargains that you can get in there are unbelievable.

The first time I went in was to look for a book – the book section is really big and has lots of choice – and I couldn’t believe the bargains to be had when I looked around the clothes rails. They stock lots of good labels like Per Una, Monsoon, Coast, East, Next and loads more – of course there are some things not as good as the others but it depends on what you are looking for.

Last week I got a Monsoon top for £3.00 and a great Next winter coat for £5.00.Everything is in sections – tops, dresses, etc and in size order.

There are designer handbags – Radley, etc. which are on a shelf behind the counter so you have to ask to see them.

I’ve got my friend going there with me and we often have charity shopping days! She says that all her wage goes on charity shop purchases now and blames me!

At the end of the summer last year she was going on holiday and wanted a strappy dress. The shops were all stocking autumn/winter clothes and she couldn’t find anything – so a little trip to the charity shop and she found a Monsoon strappy dress – £5.00! She couldn’t believe her luck.

My husband asked me to have a look for a pair of trousers for him (he’s so hopeless at shopping and can’t be bothered to look for his own trousers). I got him a pair of Austin Reed cords for £3.50 – great. They were a bit long so he took them up (he does manage to sew his own). They are brown and he took the hem up in emerald green cotton! He’s colourblind.

The only downside of this shop is there isn’t a changing room but the upside is if you get the garment home and it doesn’t fit or you don’t like it you have a month to take it back and get a full refund.

So if you are ever in Leeds please check out my favourite shop – you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. susan sykes says:

    Love it,I went in last week and the assistant who knows me now found a dress for my in my size and shouted over from the rails hey Susan have a look at this dress and it was lovely a long maxi dress with a pattern of tulips on fit perfect £4.50 what more can anyone want.

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