Best Cheese Shop in Madrid

The best cheese shop in Madrid is called Quesería Conde Duque. It’s like entering an Aladdin’s Cave when you go in, with towers and bricks of cheese all around. This place is a cheesie’s dream.

And my suitcase stank when it was time to go back to Mallorca the next day!

Toni had stumbled upon the best cheese shop in Madrid while he was researching online about things to do in Madrid. He’s good like that. Quesería Conde Duque was within walking distance from our hotel on Gran Via so we set off in search of the shop. Click here for location.

We left this shopping until the day before we were leaving, so the cheese would have to spend about 24 hours in our hotel room stashed in the bath – with no fridge in the room, the coolest place! You don’t even want to know how terrible our hand luggage smelt by the time we had to leave!

When we entered the shop, we had the owner’s attention all for us and he was more than happy to recommend cheeses to us and let us try them.


queseria conde duque

The shop is special because it doesn’t sell just run-of-the-mill cheeses, but rather concentrates on artisan cheeses and really unusual products. Everything is very high quality. This could well be the best cheese shop in Madrid. Most of the cheeses are Spanish.

We must have spent nearly half an hour in there, and we came away with five cheese for ourselves and three for a friend – and 50€ lighter.

When we did eventually get our cheeses home to Mallorca they went straight in the fridge and then after a few hours were quite alright.

We made a cheese board that evening for our dinner, with one of each of the cheeses, set out from weakest to strongest. It was the best cheese board I’ve ever had, and was so satisfying that I’d made it myself!

So when you’re in Madrid, be sure to check out Quesería Conde Duque; the best cheese shop in Madrid. And do have in mind how you are going to get the cheese home!

For more information, consult Quesería Conde Duque on Twitter. They do not have a proper website.

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And what about you? Where’s your favourite place for cheese in Madrid?

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