Bisbal de l’Emporda

We were planning to visit Figueres on our last day in Girona, something that we have been planning to do since the first time we ever came to Girona. But we got back very late from Celler de Can Roca and had headache from all the wine, so we slept in! Apparently Figueres doesn’t have much to offer in itself anyway, but it has its place on the map thanks to art; this is where we find the museum of Dalí. Oh well, next time!

Funny, that reminds me of another time when I was travelling with Toni and our plans changed because we slept in! We were in Egypt on a Nile cruise and we had planned to explore on our own at one of the stops the boat made but when we actually woke up, the boat was moving with us still on it and there were no other passengers onboard! Anyway, we still had a great time with all the boat to ourselves!

But I’ll tell you about it next time. Right now, step into my shoes and we are going to discover some more of Girona and its surroundings. You will want comfy shoes…

2012_10 oct girona - bisbal (1) 2012_10 oct girona - bisbal (5) 2012_10 oct girona - bisbal (3)

We decided to take a shorter bus journey and visit Bisbal de l’Emporda, a nearby town. Have you ever heard of this place? No? Have you ever been? Don’t bother! It is a pleasant enough place; an old Medieval market town in an attractive river setting. The problem is there’s nothing there! A short stroll around the old town and Jewish quarter, a look in the many ceramics shops for which the town is known, and that’s it!

If you happen to be passing through, then do stop and take a look as it is a very pleasant place (in fact I have prepared a small photo album of the photos I took on the day if you would like to take a look) but don’t make a special journey from Girona like we did. Do check out the photos because there was some very interesting architecture, especially the way the buildings have been built around the church with total disregard of its main façade.

So we found ourselves back in Girona earlier than expected and this gave us the chance to enjoy the fair.

Normally we visit Girona a little earlier than we did this year and we miss the fair so this was the first time we had ever been there when the fair was on. It was very nice and I would certainly recommend it; there were many stalls in all the squares selling artisan items and local products and there was plenty going on. We spent nearly 40€ on cheese! You should have seen the size of the Le Gruyere that we bought and we spent about the same amount on these long long salchichon-like sausages that tasted wonderful. That would stink the plane out on our flight back to Mallorca the following day!

L Gruyere Cheese

As we wandered the streets enjoying the atmosphere, we saw children dressed up in fancy dress, some traditional dancing and bands setting their huge amplifiers up for the all night concerts and parties.

At the other side of the town where they do the huge market on a Sunday morning there were fairground rides and all the sights, sounds and smells that go with it; big wheels, the hum of generators, screams from people on the rides, hot dogs, toffee apples, waffles and other fast food.

2012_10 oct girona town (14) 2012_10 oct girona town (15) 2012_10 oct girona town (16)

We stopped for a beer at a cool place in the centre of the old town called Mare Terra that had interesting organic bottled beers and then we had a bite to eat around the fair as our dining plans came to an abrupt halt as one of our favourite Girona restaurants was full and we had forgotten to make a reservation! So if you want to eat at Divinum in Girona, and I suggest that you do, make sure you reserve a table if it is the weekend and if the fair is on!

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