Two Brand New Boat Trips in Puerto Soller

On Sunday I had a brilliant time with a group of friends on the brand new yellow and black Taxi Boat in Puerto Soller.

And a few weeks ago I had a totally different, but equally wonderful, experience on the brand new Sunset Cruise, also from Puerto Soller.

Both tours were made possible by Toni from Click-Mallorca.

Both the brand new Taxi Boat and the new Sunset Cruise are new projects belonging to Barcos Azules, the biggest boat company to operate out of Puerto Soller, and the company which operates the 45 minute cruise from Sa Calobra to Puerto Soller on the No Frills Excursions Island Tour.

Read more about No Frills Excursions and my suggestions of tours and things to do in Mallorca here.

Taxi Boat in Puerto Soller

The new taxi boat in Puerto soller was designed by Santi, one of the brothers who own Barcos Azules. The other brothers thought he was being ridiculous when he wanted to paint their new boat yellow like a New York cab and write Taxi Boat on the side.

Puerto Soller Taxi Boat Puerto Soller Taxi Boat Puerto Soller Taxi Boat

He told us how the other brothers had protested, saying “we can’t have a yellow boat; we are Barcos Azules!”

But Santi had been right: not only does the new boat catch the attention of everyone in Puerto Soller, it also looks smart and sleek and immediately gets its message across about what it is.

What is the Taxi Boat in Puerto Soller?

The new taxi boat in Puerto Soller is a one-of-a-kind boat trip based on simplicity: it is essentially a speed boat with space for 45 passengers that takes you from A to B: A being Puerto Soller and B being Cala Tuent or Sa Calobra.

It departs from Puerto Soller and rides over the waves during the 35 minutes to Cala Tuent and then continues a further ten minutes to Sa Calobra. You can get off at either stop and the price is 25€ for the return trip.

My Ride on the Puerto Soller Taxi Boat

Video courtesy of social media expert, Marco Taboas

As I said, I went with a group of friends to check out this boat ride at the weekend. We were about 20 people and the whole day was organised by Click-Mallorca and Barcos Azules.

We chose our numbered seats and departed at 12:00 midday. The speedboat gracefully bounded over the small waves, throwing up cool spray, refreshing against the hot day.

We drove close to the cliffs of the Tramuntana Mountains and were taken close to what they refer jokingly to as the Port of Fornalutx, which is a gap in the cliffs just big enough for the speedboat to slide into, making us feel like we were in a dramatic cavern, surrounded by the huge rocks which emerge from out of the sea and loom high above.

Port de Fornalutx

Cala Tuent

The beach at Cala Tuent is a pebble beach with not much shade and with plenty of jellyfish.

These are the only negative points. Otherwise, this cove is splendid, with wonderful views out to the west. The crystal clear waters with patches of turquoise are like something off a postcard.

Cala Tuent Mallorca Cala Tuent Mallorca Puerto Soller Taxi Boat

We relaxed on the beach for an hour and then went for lunch at the only restaurant in the cove, a good way up a steep path with magnificent views out over Cala Tuent.

Cala Tuent Mallorca

The restaurant, Es Vergeret, had prepared a set menu for our group, with a few starters and then paella. Unfortunately the food was scarce and mediocre, but I’ll say no more there as they invited us, which was very kind of them. I will just say that I’d recommend you take a picnic.

On the way back from Cala Tuent we stopped at the “mushroom” for a swim. The sea was clear and refreshing and we had fun jumping off the boat and swimming for about ten minutes.

Puerto Soller Taxi Boat

The ride back to Puerto Soller was just as enjoyable as the journey to Cala Tuent had been in the morning and I would highly recommend the Taxi Boat as a the best mode of transport between the two places.

For more information about booking, visit

Sunset Cruise in Puerto Soller

sunset puerto soller mallorca sunset puerto soller mallorca sunset puerto soller mallorca

Sunsets are not just for Ibiza, you know. The other Balearic Islands have just as picturesque evenings as San Antonio Bay does.

Puerto Soller faces west and every night, the sun sets right on the water throwing gorgeous hues, from reds and oranges to purples and pinks, right across the clear sky.

A few weeks ago some of my colleagues and I decided to check out the brand new boat trip that Barcos Azules of Puerto Soller are organising this year.

We left the horseshoe shaped port aboard one of their smaller boats at 8pm and sailed parallel to the cliffs. We were able to get close to the rocks and explore one of the tiny caves that dot the coastline.

sunset puerto soller mallorca

As we sipped a glass of wine and enjoyed the scenery the sun got lower and lower, until after about half an hour of sailing it disappeared behind a cloud and was gone for good, leaving the sky filled with rich orange tones which slowly faded.

The whole trip took just one hour and we did not stray far from the port; there was no need.

We were lucky enough to be on the maiden voyage of the Puerto Soller Sunset Cruise and we had the boat almost to ourselves. The trip has been very popular and, since that first excursion, it has been sailing full every evening around Puerto Soller.

For more information about booking your ticket for the Puerto Soller Sunset Cruise, visit

Here are all my photos from this excellent sunset cruise:

If you can’t see the slideshow please click here.

I would like to remind you that all the photos used on are my own unless otherwise stated.
You can see my whole collection of Travel Photos here.

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  1. susan sykes says:

    Excellent photos of the sunset, good idea for both the cruises, Think I’ll be spoilt for choice next time I come to Mallorca

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you, I’m glad you like the pics, soon there’ll be more because I haven’t processed the Taxi Boat pics yet. I don’t think you’ll have time for these trips, plus, won’t you have to leave your husband on terra firma?

  2. Chris says:

    We tried the taxi boat, didn’t really like it, to many people on board, we had a much better time with Chris from mezzo sailing, it’s was great could not recommend any more will be doing again next year.

    • Lisa says:

      Hello Chris from MezzoMagic.
      Interesting that you preferred to go with Chris from MezzoMagic as it seems that this is yourself.

      You know, you should be a little more careful when you post spam comments: readers tend not to like it.

      Hello Readers:
      I consider this comment a spam comment because the writer’s name is Chris and the website supplied (which you can see by clicking on the name) is MezzoMagic. I therefore don’t consider this a genuine comment.

  3. Puerto Soller looks amazing especially with the bright sun and clear white sandy beaches. I am amazed at how many fantastic places there are in the world that are ideal for tourists to have fun and make some memories.

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