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tour to bromo and ijen

It was the end of the line for us in Yogyakarta and it was time for us to move on. We had loved the city and had had some excellent days out thanks to the Via Via tour agency. Now the plan was to leave Yogyakarta and leave Java altogether. We wanted some relax time in Bali…

But first we had one last exciting experience to have on Java and that was the tour to Bromo and Ijen, two spectacular volcanoes that we really wanted to see (hopefully on a not so active day) firsthand.

So one question remained: where to book our tour to Bromo and Ijen?

Firstly, if you are in Yogyakarta and you want to book a tour to Bromo and Ijen, don’t worry; every place offers it, you are going to find something. Don’t settle for the first option; you have time to shop around.

You see, the travel agencies all offer the same thing with different wording at wildly different prices and it can get quite confusing. Take the material away with you and study it.

The price that we finally got for our tour to Bromo and Ijen was 700,000 rp (50€) per person. And here’s what was included:

  • Pick up at hotel on day 1 by minibus
  • Transfer by minibus to hotel at Mount Bromo (12 hours from Yogyakarta)
  • 1 night accommodation at hotel in Bromo*
  • Jeep tour to Gunung Penanjakan viewpoint to see Bromo sunrise on day 2**
  • Visit to Mount Bromo with free time to trek up the volcano
  • Breakfast at hotel in Bromo
  • Mini bus transfer from Bromo to Ijen (4.5 hours)
  • 1 night accommodation at hotel near Ijen
  • Breakfast at hotel near Ijen on day 3
  • Minibus transfer to Mount Ijen (1 hour)
  • Free time to trek up the volcano
  • Minibus transfer to Ketapang for ferry to Bali (2 hours)***

Please note:

* When you choose the hotel in Bromo, there are several options with different standards and prices. We did not take the most basic hotel. We wanted private bathroom and hot shower. Turned out we needed a really decent shower.

** There is the option not to take the jeep part of the tour and save a bit of money but if you don’t take the jeep, you will have to walk at 4am from your hotel in Bromo in the pitch dark to Mount Bromo for an hour over the sand and dirt. This means you also miss out on seeing sunrise over Mount Bromo from Gunung Penanjakan, which was one of the highlights.

*** There is one extra that you don’t need on this tour to Bromo and Ijen, and they will try to sell it to you at the travel agency and during the tour. Don’t cave! This is the ferry passage from Ketapang to Bali. Despite that they will tell you that it is hard to find the ferry once you are dropped off and that they will look after everybody as a group and bla bla bla, please do not pay the 50,000 rp that they are asking for the ferry ticket to Bali. We found the ferry port about 30 seconds after we were dropped off in Ketapang and paid 13,000 rp per person. We got straight on a ferry that was leaving immediately and looked back to see the rest of the people from our minibus waiting an hour for the next ferry having paid nearly four times as much.

Where to book your tour to Bromo and Ijen

Oh yeah, right, that was the name of the post, wasn’t it! Well then, without further ado, the place that we found with the best rate and package for our tour to Bromo and Ijen was actually right on the same street as our guesthouse in Yogyakarta and it was called Nomad Touring Service.

The guy there seemed to really know what he was talking about as well.

And when we were on the trip, speaking to others that had booked in all different places, everyone had got more or less the same package (many had paid more though) regardless of where they had booked it.

We had been looking at another place, if for some reason you can’t book at Nomads, but I can’t remember the name. It was on the same street as Via Via but on the opposite side of the road and it was near the laundrette. The entrance to the office was at the side instead of facing the main street, if that helps. This is the place where we booked our tour to Borobudur and we were pleased.

Even though I loved them for the local things, I wouldn’t book this tour with Via Via because they offer a much longer tour that takes four days and is outrageously expensive.

So that’s my recommendation of where to book a tour to Bromo and Ijen volcanoes: Nomad Touring Service. Let me know how it went, won’t you.

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