Carnivorous Plants: A Whole Other World

Yep, carnivorous plants! That’s right; in Borneo you don’t just have to look out for man-eating crocodiles, snakes, tarantulas and enormous wild primates – in Borneo even the plants are carnivorous.

And I’m not talking about the venus fly trap that you have on your windowsill at home.

Borneo has the highest plant diversity of any region on earth. So yes, that includes carnivorous plants.

According to WWF:

“Borneo has about 3,000 species of trees, more than 1,700 species of orchids (some of the most beautiful being the rarest and most endangered) and more than 50 carnivorous pitcher plant species.”

In fact, during our trip we also some of the most amazing orchids I’ve ever imagined. In fact, when our guide pointed out these sprawling orchids in the treetops that’s when I really felt like I was in the jungle. I’d never seen anything like it.

carnivorous plants

Orchids in the rainforest

What do Carnivorous Plants Eat?

I know what you’re picturing right now: a man thrown up in the air by an enormous menacing plant that has him dangling by the foot, his camera swinging around his neck and his glasses askew.

Well no, it isn’t quite like that: carnivorous plants eat insects – a bit like your venus fly trap but on a somewhat larger scale. Winged insects, like flies and mosquitoes land on the plant which simply closes up around it and consumes it.

Large winged insects like moths and the huge winged beetles that repulsed me and Yoko might also be attacked by the larger species of carnivorous plants.

carnivorous plants

And you have to read these two surreal articles that I found online:

How do the Carnivorous Plants capture their prey?

The plants have developed a liquid-filled receptacle that attracts insects. The insect is lured to this receptacle and drowns in the liquid and simply dissolves. Sounds a bit sci-fi? I know, but it’s true.

If you want a more technical explanation, I suggest you read this in-depth article on Wikipedia.

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