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The Battle of the Open-Top Buses in Alcudia

It’s Mallorca Monday and here’s a little behind-the-scenes insight into what is going on with the battle of the open-top buses in Alcudia…

artesonado ben jakober

What’s The Big Secret About The Coffered Ceiling At Ben Jakober Foundation?

At the Yanick and Ben Jakober Foundation in Alcudia they are so secretive about that coffered ceiling, or artesonado that they have. I don’t get it. If I had a ceiling like that in my house I’d be unbelievably proud!

Alcudia Sunrise

Alcudia Sunrise

Witnessing the Alcudia sunrise might not be top of your list of things to do in Alcudia when you are on your holidays, but I can guarantee you that if you get yourself out of bed you will realise it is worth the effort.

cova tancada

Beneath Mallorca’s Surface – The Cova Tancada

Did you know that this cave, the Cova Tancada, existed in the north of Mallorca, near Alcudia? Cova Tancada means the closed cave, and is one of Mallorca’s real treasures and best kept secrets, with huge dramatic underground chambers that just keep opening up and seem to go on forever.

Prinsendam cruise alcudia

First Cruise Ship in Alcudia: Historical Moment for Mallorca

Yesterday marked a very important day in Alcudia’s history and in tourism in Mallorca. Yesterday the very first cruise ship arrived in Alcudia’s port with 800 American passengers aboard. Guess who was there at 8am with three coaches lined up and a ticket book at the ready… yep, it was us.

Puerto Soller Taxi Boat

The Best Boat Trips in Alcudia

In Alcudia we are very lucky to have one of Europe’s top beaches. From the Port of Alcudia there are many boat trips leaving from the harbour and cruising around the area, taking in the rugged cliffs, dramatic coastline and secret coves.


My Walk to Work in Thirteen Photos

Alcudia is home to one of the most important historical sites in the Balearic Islands, 14th century walls, the vibrant market and beautiful countryside. And all these are sights I can enjoy every time I walk the half hour from my house to work.

no frills excursions

Spotlight on My Job

Sunday is Spotlight Sunday. This means on a Sunday I choose a topic or place to highlight for you. It can be anything: it might be related to where I am or what I am doing, it might be related to our current Destination of the Month, it might be something current in the news, […]

red rum

The Best Steak in Alcudia

The first time I went to the Red Rum in Alcudia was two years ago and it was by accident. Normally I would not dream of going to a restaurant in Spain called the Red Rum. Just the name conjures up images of British tourists sitting around a TV watching their favourite soaps

son amar

Son Amar Pays Me A Visit

I was just in the office the other day, minding my own business, dealing with clients, answering the phone, giving directions to the market and organising guides and coaches as usual, when Elaine, the commercial from Son Amar, came in.

Alcudia Port

Boat From Alcudia to Cala Ratjada Market

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to join a brand new boat trip from Alcudia to Cala Ratjada Market. This new idea comes from Barcos Brisa, based in Alcudia, who offer many boat tours all around the dramatic north coast of Mallorca.

Alcudia Xperience

Alcudia Xperience

Alcudia Xperience is a brand new tour combining a tour on the new sleek open-top bus, with a guided visit and free time in the historical old town of Alcudia.

Alcudia Old Town

A Stroll in Alcudia Old Town

This is a travel blog. But what if you don’t need to travel to discover new things, to find new places and to experience new adventures? What if it’s all right there on your doorstep? Get ready; today we are going for a stroll in my shoes in Alcudia; the delightful town where I live…


In My Shoes In Paradise

The shoes that took me to Paradise on my day off this week were quite ugly! But of the whole day, they were the only ugly thing. We went to Aucanada. You’ve heard me talk about Aucanada before; it’s one of my favourite beaches and it’s right on my doorstep.

Alcudia Xperience Bus

In My Shoes at Work

Step into my shoes…. we are going on a journey… to work! Don’t worry, this is still a travel blog. Work for me is related to travel. My work is related to travel in two ways: I’m involved in other people’s travel I only work seven months a year so in the other five months […]