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Where to Buy Your Wine in Mallorca

An annual wine tasting event, a wonderful wine shop and a great delivery service: Today we are talking about Vinamica in Lloseta, Mallorca. If you live in Mallorca or if you visit Mallorca often, the chances are you drink a lot of wine. It’s a Mediterranean thing!


PeccataMinuta in Palma

It was a night full of “minute sins” the other night in Palma at the PeccataMinuta event organised by Chefs(in). There were a lot of people, but the question on everyone’s lips was, and still is, “was it successful?” And that’s what we are going to analyse here today. Was PeccataMinuta in Palma successful?

Mallorcan Black Pig

Spotlight on Matanzas

Today I have been at the matanzas fair in Sineu. It’s a fair that celebrates an old rural tradition, which is still followed in many places, in which the pig plays the star role.

almond fair in santa margalida

Almond Fair in Santa Margalida

Last weekend was the almond fair in Santa Margalida in Mallorca. As you know, I love going to these local fairs and fiestas in some of the tiny villages in Mallorca. The autumn fairs are just starting now and each town or village has its own theme.

Hierbas in Selva

Hierbas in Selva

This weekend was one of village fairs here in Mallorca. As you know, on Saturday I was eating all things potato at the Feria de la Patata in Sa Pobla.

Feria de patatas de Sa Pobla

Feria de la Patata, Sa Pobla

As you know, I am at home in Mallorca at the moment… working (well, the money for all these travels has to come from somewhere)! Just because I’m working, doesn’t mean I can’t have fun too… Take a little stroll in my shoes… we are going to Sa Pobla…

reyes magos

A Fiesta fit for a King, or Three!

Feliz Reyes! Here in Spain it is the national holiday and celebration of the Reyes Magos. This is when we get our Christmas presents here. Well, it’s not exactly when I get my presents because being English we do it on Christmas Day, but many people here receive their Christmas presents on this day.

Fireworks Alcudia

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all… In a few hours begins a brand new year and in some places it has already arrived. I would like to make a recommendation for new years celebrations… Step into my shoes… This is what I will be doing at midnight: Well, if you want the short story I’ll be eating […]

Christmas decorations

Christmas in Mallorca

Merry Christmas to all followers, friends and occasional droppers-by. I am spending my Christmas in Mallorca with family this year. It is 20 degrees, the sun is out, nobody has to work and there is plenty of roast pig after the recent matanzas. The children are all excitedly running around preparing for the arrival of the 3 […]


Sineu Slaughter

Sineu is one of my favourite towns in Mallorca: it is cosy enough to be a village, big enough to have the amenities of a town, has one of Mallorca’s best markets (every Wednesday) and is famous for frito Mallorquin, which I love.

Esclata sangs in Mancor

Mancor de la Vall – Wild Mushroom Festival

As I said in a previous post, now is the time for the local fairs in Mallorca. One of my absolute favourite fairs is in Mancor de la Vall and it’s the wild mushroom or “setas” fair. The setas that are famous in this area are called “esclata sangs” and they sell on the markets […]


Olive Fair in Caimari

After my trip to Girona, I am back home in Mallorca and now is the time that all the villages have their local fairs. While many northern countries are already planning Christmas, we are still enjoying the sunshine and the autumn fairs, which are always bustling with people enjoying themselves, eating, drinking wine, dancing and […]