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Stilt Fishing in Weligama

From Mirissa to Unawatuna

I decided that the best way for us to get from Mirissa to Unawatuna would be to take a tuk tuk. It couldn’t have worked out better. We called a tuk tuk driver, a young lad, that we had met a couple of evenings before in Mirissa. He had been touting for business and we […]

whale watching mirissa

The Tale of a Whale in Mirissa

When I was researching things to do in Sri Lanka, one of the things at the top of my list was whale watching. Imagine having the opportunity to see the world’s largest creature for real in the wild. I mean if I was awestruck by the giant turtles at Rekawa Beach how would I feel […]


Is Mirissa Really All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Everything I read when I was researching our itinerary for Sri Lanka said: “You have to see Mirissa.” “Mirissa is the best beach.” “Don’t miss Mirissa.” So we went to Mirissa. Why then did I find that Mirissa was a busy, expensive tourist trap where you could barely even get a spot on the beach? […]

tangalle to mirissa

How NOT to Get From Tangalle to Mirissa (Trust Me, I Lived It!)

Seriously, how hard can it be to get from Tangalle to Mirissa using public transport? I mean look how close they are on the map. Could it really have taken us all day? Well yes, it did take us all bloody day just to get from Tangalle to Mirissa. I still don’t even know what […]

rekawa beach

Giants in the Wild at Rekawa Beach

I wasn’t sure at all if it was going to be possible to see a giant turtle at Rekawa Beach, but I figured it was worth a shot to tuk tuk over there anyway and try our luck. Man, am I glad I did! I’m going to start this post with an apology about the […]

where to eat in tangalla

Where to Eat in Tangalle

I ate so much in Tangalle that I consider myself quite the authority on the subject of where to eat! Whether you want a sit-down meal, a quick snack or breakfast pancakes, you’ll be spoilt for choice for places to eat in Tangalle. Here’s where I ate and what I thought: Sha Sha Beach Shack […]

dikwela blowhole goyambokka beach

Exploring from Tangalle Part II: Dikwela Blowhole & Goyambokka Beach

Hi friends, here is the second part of my half day trip exploring from Tangalle that I promised you on Monday. If you haven’t seen Part I yet, read it first here: Exploring from Tangalle Part I: Big Buddha Temple (but make sure you come back to check out the second part afterwards).

big buddha temple dikwela

Exploring from Tangalle Part I: Big Buddha Temple

On the morning that we changed accommodation in Tangalle from the Lonely Beach Resort to the Coppenrath Guest House (find out here why we decided to change) our tuk tuk driver came to pick us up. I had called him the evening before to negotiate a price and to book him.

where to stay in tangalla

Where to Stay in Tangalla?

When we arrived in Tangalla after a pretty long bus ride from Ella in the hill country we were ready to RELAX. Beer, beach, sunset… that sort of thing.

Taste Sri Lanka: Taste Kottu Roti

Taste Sri Lanka: Taste Kottu Roti

This is one of my Sri Lanka foodie posts. And my mouth is totally watering just thinking about kottus and rotis in Sri Lanka. If you are going to Sri Lanka (lucky thing) you absolutely have to eat kottu and roti (spellings often vary wildly).

How to get from Ella to Tangalle by Bus

How to get from Ella to Tangalle by Bus

How to get from Ella to Tangalle (or Tangalla – I don’t know which spelling is right) may seem straightforward, but I had the added challenge that in Sri Lanka I was travelling on a budget. This meant using public transport as much as possible.

one day in ella

Don’t Miss a Great Day in Ella

This post is about my one full day in Ella, visiting Little Adam’s Peak, walking through the tea country, walking on the train tracks and to the spectacular Nine Arch Bridge. Followed by the ride from Hell on a public bus and cheeky monkeys at Ella Rawana Falls…

Rice and Curry in Sri Lanka

Rice and Curry in Sri Lanka

Rice and curry in Sri Lanka is a completely unique experience compared to the food of other countries. The food in Sri Lanka in general is flavoursome and delicious but still one of the most simple foods I’ve had anywhere. Sri Lankan rice and curry is a perfect example of that.

Don't worry about finding accom in Ella it'll find you

Don’t Worry About Finding Accommodation in Ella; It’ll Find You!

When the train finally got in to the station at Ella, we knew we now had to find somewhere to stay. We needn’t have worried about choices for accommodation though, as we were completely bombarded as we left the station. Touts, tuk tuk drivers and people offering rooms all wanted a piece of the action.

pattipola to haputale

Only in Sri Lanka: Hiking on the Train Tracks from Pattipola to Haputale

Dodging trains, shuffling through dank, dark tunnels, getting dragged into the track manager’s office and being ambushed by snarling dogs… These are only a few things that happened on our hike from Pattipola to Haputale in Sri Lanka’s hill country. Even so, this was one of my absolute favourite days in Sri Lanka.