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where to eat in tangalla

Where to Eat in Tangalle

I ate so much in Tangalle that I consider myself quite the authority on the subject of where to eat! Whether you want a sit-down meal, a quick snack or breakfast pancakes, you’ll be spoilt for choice for places to eat in Tangalle. Here’s where I ate and what I thought: Sha Sha Beach Shack […]

Taste Sri Lanka: Taste Kottu Roti

Taste Sri Lanka: Taste Kottu Roti

This is one of my Sri Lanka foodie posts. And my mouth is totally watering just thinking about kottus and rotis in Sri Lanka. If you are going to Sri Lanka (lucky thing) you absolutely have to eat kottu and roti (spellings often vary wildly).

Rice and Curry in Sri Lanka

Rice and Curry in Sri Lanka

Rice and curry in Sri Lanka is a completely unique experience compared to the food of other countries. The food in Sri Lanka in general is flavoursome and delicious but still one of the most simple foods I’ve had anywhere. Sri Lankan rice and curry is a perfect example of that.


Leaving Adam’s Peak, Best Breakfast in Dalhousie & How to get to Hatton

On our way down from Adam’s Peak we were seduced by aromas from the breakfast delights that the stalls and tea huts were cooking up. We didn’t want to stop and eat though, as we were desperate for a shower and now that it was well after sunrise, the day was getting hotter by the second.

wadi wadi train

Sri Lankan Trains and Wadi Wadi

We loved it in Sri Lanka when we were on the trains and the carriage door would open and the wadi wadi man would bustle through with a huge basket crying “wadi wadi“!

where to eat in kandy

Where to Eat in Kandy (and where not to)

I was only in Kandy for a couple of days. But it was a couple of days so hot that Toni and I had to stop A LOT for refreshments. Meaning that we got to experience Kandy’s best and worst eateries.

sri lanka street food

Thought Street Food Didn’t Exist in Sri Lanka? Think Again

Let me introduce you to SHORT EATS: Sri Lanka’s answer to street food. For me, short eats in Sri Lanka were the most exciting of snacks and the closest thing to street food that the country had to offer.

breakfast in sri lanka

Breakfast in Sri Lanka

Breakfast in Sri Lanka is an elaborate affair and can consist of many filling dishes to set you off for the day. While western-style breakfasts with eggs, toast and those anaemic-looking chicken sausages are widely available, it is the true Sri Lankan-style breakfast that will get your tastebuds going.

maria salinas_3

Maria Salinas Restaurant, Mallorca

Chef Maria Salinas has branched out on her own and opened a restaurant in the small town of Mancor de la Vall in Mallorca. And I met some friends there for lunch a few weeks ago.

where to eat in labuan bajo

Where to Eat in Labuan Bajo

Just as with hotels in Labuan Bajo, the pickings are also slim for restaurants in Labuan Bajo. There is one little gem that stands out though and it’s actually an Italian restaurant! Normally I try to eat at and recommend local cuisine and local places,

where to eat on gili trawangan

Where to Eat on Gili Trawangan

The restaurant choices on Gili Trawangan are as endless as the offers of accommodation and boat trips. Here are a few of my favourite dining experiences on Gili Trawangan:

budis warung ubud

The Day I was Served Ants for Dinner in Bali

And no, it wasn’t something that I had ordered. Next time we speak I shall share with you something absolutely revolting that I tried willingly in Bangkok… But this side order of ants in Ubud, Bali was truly a (not very pleasant) surprise. So this post is about where NOT to eat in Ubud!

cafes bay

Cafes Bay

One of the last visits that we did this winter with our Winter Activities group was to Cafes Bay in Lloret de la Vistalegre in Mallorca. Cafes Bay is one of only three remaining coffee toasting factories left in Mallorca. It was an extremely interesting visit and the place smelt so good!

poncelet cheese bar madrid

Where to Eat Cheese in Madrid

*Warning: This article will make you gain at least 2kgs per reading.* As part of our current Madrid Gastronomy theme, I am telling you about my favourite place to eat cheese in Madrid. It is called Poncelet Cheese Bar (click for location).

club allard

Club Allard, Madrid

When I went to Madrid in January on a gastronomy trip, I dined at four restaurants with Michelin stars in four days. Of the four, the restaurant which surprised and impressed me the most was Club Allard. I had eaten at Club Allard before and also loved it. That was when Diego Guerrero was still head chef.