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banana o'clock

The Banana O’Clock Show

At various times of the day, known as banana o’clock, certain feeding stations in Tanjung Puting National Park come to life. Slowly at first, a few orangutans can be spotted lurking in the top branches of the tallest trees. They are quiet at first, taking their time, rocking the flexible trees back and forth until the […]

How to book a tour in kalimantan

How to Book a Tour in Kalimantan

Our current Destination of the Month is The Rainforest. Every day this month I will be sharing with you something from my own experience in the rainforest earlier this winter. Today’s is a pretty important piece of information: How to Book a Tour in Kalimantan.

guide in kalimantan

Iim of the Jungle: The Best Guide in Kalimantan

Iim, aka Rambo, was to be our guide and companion for the four days and three nights that we were in Tanjung Puting National Park in the Borneo Rainforest. And it turned out that we had selected the best guide in Kalimantan. Well, correction: not we. Toni had selected the best guide in Kalimantan.

wild male orangutan

Our First Sighting of a Wild Male Orangutan

In fact, it was our only sighting of a wild male orangutan. Don’t get confused here: we saw plenty of orangutans. We also saw the odd male. But most of the orangutans that we spent time watching were semi-wild. Only once did we spot that elusive and endangered beast, the wild male orangutan.

The Jungle

InMyShoesTravel and Friends in the Jungle

As you know by now, we are visiting the jungle at the moment on InMyShoesTravel. More specifically, we are spending this month on the blog discovering what I discovered myself in the Borneo Rainforest during my three-day stay there. Despite the vastness of the jungle, we are going to be quite cosy and cramped in […]


The Rainforest

If you read yesterday about what happened when I arrived in the Borneo Jungle, you might have realised already what our new Destination of the Month is: The Rainforest. That’s right; here at InMyShoesTravel for the whole month of February we are going to be exploring the rainforest.

borneo jungle

Somewhere in the Borneo Jungle

We retrieved our backpacks off the one luggage belt in the whole airport and made our way outside to the crowd of meeters, greeters, families, taxi drivers and touts. It didn’t feel like we were in the Borneo Jungle. Not yet anyway.