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5 oceanos chill out bar

The Worst Restaurants in Mallorca

This Spotlight Sunday post is one that starts right now and will be (unfortunately) added to over time, as and when necessary. Here in Mallorca the level of service at restaurants is constantly disappointing; it seems that staff just aren’t trained or don’t care, and it seems that many front of house staff and kitchen […]

Hierbas in Selva

Hierbas in Selva

This weekend was one of village fairs here in Mallorca. As you know, on Saturday I was eating all things potato at the Feria de la Patata in Sa Pobla.

Feria de patatas de Sa Pobla

Feria de la Patata, Sa Pobla

As you know, I am at home in Mallorca at the moment… working (well, the money for all these travels has to come from somewhere)! Just because I’m working, doesn’t mean I can’t have fun too… Take a little stroll in my shoes… we are going to Sa Pobla…

Es Verger, Mallorca

The Best Shoulder of Lamb in Mallorca

It’s still February (just) and that means that this month’s Destination of the Month is Mallorca Gastronomy. And today we have a really delicious treat: We are going up the hill in Alaro towards Alaro Castle for shoulder of lamb at Es Verger restaurant.

Galletes d'oli

Making Mallorcan Biscuits The Old Way

Continuing our Destination of the Month theme, I would like to tell you about a visit that our “Winter Activities” group made recently to a biscuit factory in Porreres, Mallorca.

Frito Mallorquin

Mallorca Gastronomy: These are a few of my favourite things…

There are so many excellent dishes in Mallorca. Here is a brief run-down of my top five dishes – absolutely not to be missed in Mallorca: Frito Mallorquin With Frito Malloquin you either love it or you love it! Some people aren’t too keen on offal but they still manage to eat the tasty potatoes […]

Mallorca gastronomy

Embutidos Matas

Embutidos Matas: one of the most delicious places in Mallorca, with the loveliest staff and great prices too… Do you have any idea what embutidos are? Well basically they are products that we might consider “cold cuts” in English. This generally refers to anything that you might put in a sandwich, like ham, cheese, salami, etc.

Mallorca Wine Train

Mallorca Wine Tour

As part of our Destination of the Month theme of Mallorca Gastronomy I’d like to share with you a great experience, which is a trip on the Mallorca Wine Express through some of the nicest vineyards and landscape of Mallorca. The Wine Express is a “train” that sets off from Macia Batle wine cellar and heads out […]


Magic Mallorcan Cooking Pot

No Mallorcan kitchen is complete without a greixonera. A greixonera is made of what, in Spain, they call barro, meaning “muck”! In English it is more commonly known as an earthenware dish or clay pot. Of course, in the markets there are many different sizes and shapes of earthenware dishes but the typical Mallorcan earthenware dish is the greixonera. This […]


Lechona: The Mallorquines do it Best

Lechona. Just the thought of lechona makes my stomach growl! This is quite possibly the most delicious dish you will be served in Mallorca. Lechona, also known as cochinillo, is roast suckling pig. Traditionally it is roasted whole on a spit, slowly. The potatoes are suspended from the spit under the lechona and as the […]


The Strange Things They Eat In Mallorca

Okay, so maybe snails are not that strange to you. A lot of countries consider snails a delicacy and many people all over the world eat them. But have you ever had one on your plate? Have you ever taken hold of the shell and dug around with your cocktail stick until you’ve got a […]

Day of the Fair in Caimari

Frito Mallorquin

If you are visiting Mallorca, Frito Mallorquin is one dish that you just can’t leave without trying: it uses all typical ingredients and is very very tasty. I’m normally the one who promotes the “have a go” attitude but with Frito Mallorquin I’m going to say if you don’t know how to make it then don’t bother […]

Sa Pobla

Potatoes: The Diamonds of Sa Pobla

After a 15 minute drive from my home in Alcudia, I arrive in Europe’s potato capital: Sa Pobla. This town is the centre of Mallorca’s agricultural world, where the potatoes grow in abundance under the Mediterranean sunshine in the rich Sa Pobla earth.


Tomatoes in Mallorca

February’s Destination of the Month is Mallorca Gastronomy. During this month I will be taking you on a journey around some of the Mediterranean’s most mouth-watering experiences and I’ll be showing you how Mallorca is not just a party island of sun, sea, sand and sangria… Today we are going to discover one of the […]


Back to Basics in Mallorca

Mallorca is February’s Destination of the Month – but not for its beautiful beaches, picturesque villages, dramatic mountain range or energetic nightlife: Mallorca is Destination of the Month at for its gastronomy. This Mediterranean island has a rich and diverse range of products that it sustains itself without having to import from the mainland. […]