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alcudia open top bus 2016_ - 1

The Battle of the Open-Top Buses in Alcudia

It’s Mallorca Monday and here’s a little behind-the-scenes insight into what is going on with the battle of the open-top buses in Alcudia…

hot air balloon mallorca

Hot Air Balloon in Mallorca

It’s Mallorca Monday and I have a really great experience to share with you… Hot air ballooning in Mallorca. Last week, for the first time ever I went in a hot air balloon. And I loved loved loved it.

Pare Ginard Museum Mallorca

Pare Ginard Museum, Mallorca

There’s a new house-museum opened up in Mallorca, called the Casa Pare Ginard Museu de la Paraula, Father Ginard House Museum of the word. Interesting name, huh? What do you think it’s about?

maria salinas_3

Maria Salinas Restaurant, Mallorca

Chef Maria Salinas has branched out on her own and opened a restaurant in the small town of Mancor de la Vall in Mallorca. And I met some friends there for lunch a few weeks ago.

son amar behind the scenes

Son Amar Behind the Scenes

So I’ve been wanting to share my experience at Mallorca’s Son Amar show since last year but I have been putting it off due to the fact that I don’t have any stunning photos to add to the post. You see, when I went to Son Amar I was under the impression that photography was strictly […]

Unforgettable day in Cabrera

An Unforgettable Day on Cabrera

I had never been to Cabrera, the smallest of the five Balearic Islands, despite having lived on Mallorca for over ten years, so when our Winter Activities group got the chance to go on a trip with Mar Cabrera earlier this spring, I jumped at it.

special interview with mallorca artist_sopla el viento

Special Interview With Mallorca Artist

Today I have a special post: an interview with an artist in Mallorca. His name is Txema Alvarez and apart from being a talented artist, he is also a good friend of mine. In fact, he is Vice President of our Winter Activities group in Mallorca. But his talents span much wider than that.

cafes bay

Cafes Bay

One of the last visits that we did this winter with our Winter Activities group was to Cafes Bay in Lloret de la Vistalegre in Mallorca. Cafes Bay is one of only three remaining coffee toasting factories left in Mallorca. It was an extremely interesting visit and the place smelt so good!

Els Calderers

Els Calderers, Mallorca

Well, it’s the beginning of a new week again, which means today is Mallorca Monday. Today I am going to tell you (and show you) about a visit I made in March to Els Calderers. It was one of the last visits of our Winter Activities group for winter 2014-15.

Fran Reus Gallery, Palma

Our last stop on the art tour in Palma that I attended with our Winter Activities group was the Fran Reus Gallery, a place that has existed since 2003 and is found in the centre of Palma up one of the many charming side streets. Their current exhibition was called (Self) Portrait and featured several […]

Art Galleries in Palma: L21

L21 art gallery in Palma opened in 2011 with the objective of promoting emerging artists. I visited L21 during an art tour in Palma. Read about the tour here. There are several spaces at L21, but the space that we visited was The Apartment, a space that looks, well, like someone’s apartment. It is a furnished but […]

casal solleric art exhibition

Art Galleries in Palma: Casal Solleric

I visited Casal Solleric recently when I was on the Palma Art Tour. Located on the Born in Palma, Casal Solleric is a wonderful 18th century Mallorcan palace with one of the most amazing courtyards in the city. It is now open to the public and houses the tourist information centre and various temporary exhibitions.


Art Galleries in Palma: La Caja Blanca

La Caja Blanca, or the White Box was the first place we visited on our recent art tour of Palma with our Winter Activities group. It is a contemporary art gallery in the centre of Palma.

santiago villanueva

Art Tour in Palma de Mallorca

I joined an art tour through the city of Palma the other day. Surprised? Imagine how surprised I was to be there! The tour was organised by Txema, Vice President of our Winter Activities group. Txema is the artist of our group and he thought we would find this interesting. We did.

art in mallorca

Art in Mallorca

This month, for our Destination of the Month, we are looking at art in Mallorca. Nope, this is not an April fool’s. I’m serious. You probably already know that I, personally, am not a fan of art in general. And I know that that is a real generalisation.