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InMyShoesTravel Update Feb 2017_01

InMyShoesTravel Update Feb 2017

Well Happy New Year everyone! And sorry I haven’t had the chance to say it yet. I’ve been busy busy busy… But I know, I get it; who hasn’t? Tell you something new, right? Well I thought I’d start with a little update and let you know what to expect on the blog soon…

back to work

Back to work…

Goodness me, it’s that time of year again. Can you believe I’ve already had five months off and now it’s time to go back to work? Well, I can’t believe it myself, let me tell you!

Sa Llego

Sa Llego Fun Run In Sa Pobla

Sa Llego fun run in Sa Pobla in Mallorca is quite a big sporting event on the island and it was my first ever competitive race (unless you count the 4 mile fun run when I was six – which my parents certainly do!).

travel plans

Winter Travels 2014-15

I have plans! Well first of all, hello again, nice to see you here and sorry for the long silent period. How are you? No, really, how are you? Do answer me. How have you been? Have you been on holiday?

Khao San Road by night

How to Arrive in Bangkok in… Style(?)

When the taxi driver came to an abrupt halt on a busy road that was NOT Khao San Road and ordered me to get out, I saw no option other than to do as he said. I was in no fit state to protest either, after having travelled for over 19 hours.

no frills excursions

“You Ruined My Holiday”

As a traveller myself and as a contributor to others’ special holiday moments, those words are the absolute worst I could ever hear. And, I’m sorry to say, I have heard them. Not many times, of course, but even once is bad enough.


My Walk to Work in Thirteen Photos

Alcudia is home to one of the most important historical sites in the Balearic Islands, 14th century walls, the vibrant market and beautiful countryside. And all these are sights I can enjoy every time I walk the half hour from my house to work.

no frills excursions

Spotlight on My Job

Sunday is Spotlight Sunday. This means on a Sunday I choose a topic or place to highlight for you. It can be anything: it might be related to where I am or what I am doing, it might be related to our current Destination of the Month, it might be something current in the news, […]

Alcudia Xperience Bus

In My Shoes at Work

Step into my shoes…. we are going on a journey… to work! Don’t worry, this is still a travel blog. Work for me is related to travel. My work is related to travel in two ways: I’m involved in other people’s travel I only work seven months a year so in the other five months […]

Koh Tao

In My Shoes on Flickr

This week’s Spotlight Sunday is about organising your travel photos and making sure you can access and share them easily, not to mention a simple way to back up. Yep, it’s Flickr: my favourite photo sharing website. There are plenty of ways to back up your photos online but for me, Flickr is by far […]

Backing in Thailand

Back to Blogging

Well, it’s the 1st of June and, I figured, time to get  back to writing a travel blog! You see, the problem with travel blogging is that I have to travel! Not that I’m trying to make excuses mind – I’m the first to admit when I’ve been lazy (well, normally I’m the second to […]

Backpacking Vietnam

Daylight Robbery in Nha Trang

I was totally taken with Vietnam; the whole country, culture and, above all, the people really impressed me. There’s always one place out of a whole country that you just wish you hadn’t included in your itinerary though, isn’t there.

Geocaching: A Worldwide Treasure Hunt

Geocaching: A Worldwide Treasure Hunt

Hidden treasures, secret clubs and cryptic clues. All right under our noses and happening all the time. Yep, it’s geocaching. Have you heard of it? I could not (and indeed still cannot) believe how many of these little treasures, or caches, are hiding in plain sight right under our noses and how many people have […]

Fireworks Alcudia

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all… In a few hours begins a brand new year and in some places it has already arrived. I would like to make a recommendation for new years celebrations… Step into my shoes… This is what I will be doing at midnight: Well, if you want the short story I’ll be eating […]

Christmas decorations

Christmas in Mallorca

Merry Christmas to all followers, friends and occasional droppers-by. I am spending my Christmas in Mallorca with family this year. It is 20 degrees, the sun is out, nobody has to work and there is plenty of roast pig after the recent matanzas. The children are all excitedly running around preparing for the arrival of the 3 […]