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The geckos ate my soap

Did The Geckos Eat My Soap?

I’m not 100% sure that it was the geckos. But I am pretty sure. And I’m not 100% sure that they actually ate it. But I didn’t hear the shower go on in the middle of the night so I don’t think they were using it.

sorkelling in kanawa

Kanawa Snorkelling in Photos

I found Indonesia in general to be a great place for snorkelling, but Kanawa Island was possibly the best of all. Or perhaps it was a tie between Kanawa and the Gili Islands. Not sure now!

what to do in kanawa

What to do in Kanawa

I was lucky enough to stay on Kanawa Island in Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia for four days. When you go to Kanawa Island, you should prepare yourself mentally for what you are going to find there. On Kanawa you will find all or nothing. Or perhaps a bit of both.

kanawa island before you go

Kanawa Island: Before You Go

You cannot take the decision to go to Kanawa Island lightly, nor can you make the decision on the spur of the moment; it is something that must be planned in advance. This is because on Kanawa Island there is only one place to stay.

kanawa island

Kanawa Island: Paradise

Paradise. That was the first word that came to mind when our boat dropped us at the end of the pier and we strolled onto Kanawa Island with our backpacks. I know others have said the same thing about Kanawa Island but I couldn’t come up with a more original word. Paradise.

wild dolphins kanawa

We Saw Wild Dolphins!

Guess what! We saw wild dolphins! It was at the end of our boat trip to Rinca and Komodo Islands. It was the perfect end to the perfect cruise. As you know, we had arranged with a local boat owner to take us from Labuan Bajo.

komodo island and komodo dragons

Komodo Island and Komodo Dragons

As part of our cruise from Labuan Bajo we visited Komodo Island. The visit to Komodo Island was very much the same as our visit to Rinca Island had been the day before: we moored at the island, we went to the visitor centre and organised a ranger to go with us and then we […]

rinca island

My Visit To Rinca Island (Komodo National Park)

We arrived at Rinca (pronounced Rincha) Island at about 10am. We had just enjoyed a two hour journey by boat weaving our way through beautiful scenery, passing stunning islands, gorgeous beaches and a magnificent array of colours in a patchwork water.

off to find komodo dragons

Off to Find Komodo Dragons!

We were finally setting off on quite an adventure to hopefully catch a glimpse of the Komodo Dragons, found in the wild only in Komodo National Park in Indonesia. We were in Labuan Bajo on Flores Island and the day before we had contracted a boat and a local crew to take just me and […]

how to organise a boat trip to rinca and komodo

How to Organise a Boat Trip to Rinca and Komodo

In Labuan Bajo we traipsed around the travel agencies in the blistering heat. Everywhere was too expensive and no one wanted to barter, yet they all wanted to fill the last few spaces on their excursion boats.

where to eat in labuan bajo

Where to Eat in Labuan Bajo

Just as with hotels in Labuan Bajo, the pickings are also slim for restaurants in Labuan Bajo. There is one little gem that stands out though and it’s actually an Italian restaurant! Normally I try to eat at and recommend local cuisine and local places,

where to stay in labuan bajo

Where to Stay in Labuan Bajo

Where to stay in Labuan Bajo? Now there’s a good question. It’s slim pickings I’m afraid. We did not book any accommodation in advance for Labuan Bajo because we hadn’t been able to find anything that looked worth booking. Though there are many hotels on none of them looked remotely convincing.

labuan bajo airport

Labuan Bajo Airport & Our Arrival on Flores Island

We landed at Labuan Bajo Airport in a tiny tin capsule of an aircraft from Bali and were ushered into the arrivals hall straight from where the plane had pulled up like a taxi right outside the door.

labuan bajo

Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo, despite its beauty, is a bit of a nothing place. It sees a lot of flying visitors who use it as a starting point for excursions and expeditions to other islands or on boat trips to discover the Komodo Dragons. There is good reason that people don’t stay long in Labuan Bajo:

Gili Islands on the cheap

Gili Islands on the Cheap

You want to visit Indonesia’s stunning Gili Islands but have heard they’re expensive? You’ve heard right, the Gili Islands are expensive. But they don’t have to be… Here are my tips for visiting the Gili Islands on a budget.