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Searching for tarantulas on the night trek, being almost abducted by an over-friendly orangutan, sleeping in the open-air on an Indonesian river boat, and having the time of our lives in the jungle… These are just a few things that I have shared with you on this rainforest blog.

Why Stay On A Klotok For Three Nights

Why Stay On A Klotok For Three Nights

Okay, this is why stay on a klotok for three nights as opposed to two or four, not why stay on a klotok for three nights (or any number of nights for that matter) at all. Why would you choose to stay on a klotok in Kalimantan for three nights instead of two nights?

camp leakey trek

What To Do When An Orang-utan Tries to Kidnap You

Camp Leakey Trek Well, we still have a little way to go until the end of February, so that means that our Destination of the Month is still The Rainforest, and I still have a few things to share with you from my amazing trip in Indonesian Borneo.


Orang-utans, Crocodiles, Lizards, Monkeys. And Us!

My time in Kalimantan was not all about orang-utans. The list of animals that we saw in the rainforest reads like something out of The Jungle Book. Obviously, when you go to one of the two only islands in the world where orang-utans can be found, you expect to encounter the odd orang-utan and so the […]

klotok tour itinerary

Klotok Tour Itinerary

Here I’m going to outline for you the exact klotok tour itinerary that we followed. If you are seriously thinking about going to Borneo and staying on a klotok for a few days then you need to have your itinerary clear. We were four people and we paid 7,500,000 (seven and a half million) rupiahs

carnivorous plants

Carnivorous Plants: A Whole Other World

Yep, carnivorous plants! That’s right; in Borneo you don’t just have to look out for man-eating crocodiles, snakes, tarantulas and enormous wild primates – in Borneo even the plants are carnivorous. And I’m not talking about the venus fly trap that you have on your windowsill at home.

borneo night trek

Only The Brave Join The Borneo Night Trek

Is that how it went? Only the brave join the Borneo Night Trek? Or was it only the stupid join the Borneo Night Trek? I had read about night treks before I went to Borneo and even then I was thinking why would anyone want to do that?


Orangutan: Man of the Forest

It’s time we learnt a little about these very special creatures in the Borneo Rainforest, that we are observing at the moment here on the blog. Yesterday we were wooed by all the cute photos of hairy mammals swinging from tree to tree and throwing bananas at each other.

orangutan antics

Orangutan Antics – In Photos

I’ve been sharing a lot with you about my experience in the rainforest lately. And I have plenty more to tell you. But I thought you might like to have a look at some of the photos that we took during our four days in the jungle.

sekonyer river 2

Leaving the Sekonyer River – For a Shower!

The area where we found ourselves when we were staying in the Indonesian rainforest for four days was Tanjung Puting. Tanjung Puting has been a national park since 1982. The Java Sea is joined by the humongous Kumai River, which forms one of the borders of Tanjung Puting National Park.

Dr. Galdikas

Ode to Dr Birute Mary Galdikas

Dr Birute Mary Galdikas is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on orangutans, was winner of the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, is founder of Orangutan Foundation International and is the founder of Camp Leakey. Oh, and she’s also written several books related to the plight of the orangutan, spent 40 years living in […]

camp leakey

Discover Camp Leakey

Much of our stay in the rainforest was spent in Camp Leakey. In Camp Leakey we would go trekking and exploring. We would watch the orangutans ape-ing around at feeding time. And we would get to see many other wildlife species native to this area. What is Camp Leakey?

how to pack for the rainforest

How to Pack for Three Nights in the Jungle

Thinking of backpacking in the rainforest? How do you even begin to think about what to take with you to the rainforest? Here I make it easy for you… First of all: What you have to consider for any backpacking trip is the weight of your pack. Everything you take you have to carry.

living on a klotok

Living on a Klotok

During our stay in the rainforest we were living on a klotok. Let’s start with what is a klotok, and then you can share your thoughts about living on one… What is a Klotok? A klotok is an Indonesian river boat made from wood and is found on the rivers of Kalimantan in Borneo.

banana o'clock

The Banana O’Clock Show

At various times of the day, known as banana o’clock, certain feeding stations in Tanjung Puting National Park come to life. Slowly at first, a few orangutans can be spotted lurking in the top branches of the tallest trees. They are quiet at first, taking their time, rocking the flexible trees back and forth until the […]