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black market train tickets sri lanka

Black Market Train Tickets in Sri Lanka

Kandy If you have been to Sri Lanka you will know that buying train tickets for reserved seats is quite complicated as they go like hot-cakes. The only way you are going to manage to buy the type of train ticket you want, with reserved seating, is if you are super organised

wadi wadi train

Sri Lankan Trains and Wadi Wadi

We loved it in Sri Lanka when we were on the trains and the carriage door would open and the wadi wadi man would bustle through with a huge basket crying “wadi wadi“!

where to eat in kandy

Where to Eat in Kandy (and where not to)

I was only in Kandy for a couple of days. But it was a couple of days so hot that Toni and I had to stop A LOT for refreshments. Meaning that we got to experience Kandy’s best and worst eateries.

kandy dances

Kandy Dances and Meeting the ‘Fire Eater’

Did we get got? Were we had? Was it a genuine moment? Was it a scam? Or will we never know? I had read about the Kandy dances when I was researching the trip to Sri Lanka and it seemed that watching them was simply the thing to do in Kandy.

where to stay in kandy 02

Where to Stay in Kandy

We booked our accommodation for Kandy in advance. It was one of only two places in Sri Lanka where we did so, the other being Colombo for our first night in the country. You see, it is very easy to find accommodation in Sri Lanka. It is everywhere, in the form of small guesthouses and […]

sri lanka street food

Thought Street Food Didn’t Exist in Sri Lanka? Think Again

Let me introduce you to SHORT EATS: Sri Lanka’s answer to street food. For me, short eats in Sri Lanka were the most exciting of snacks and the closest thing to street food that the country had to offer.

theres more to life than kandy

There’s More to Life than Kandy!

I’m glad I went to Kandy because, well, everyone goes to Kandy and I’d feel like I’d missed out if I hadn’t. If I’m perfectly honest though, Kandy was a bit crap. I’m glad we only had one full day there.

dambulla to kandy

From Dambulla To Kandy

Once I’d freed myself from the toilet at the Dambulla Cave Temples and committed a bit of vandalism in the process we collected our backpacks from the ticket office where, it seems, they no longer sell tickets – so the left-luggage office then – and left the temple complex.

toilets in dambulla

Dambulla Cave Toilets

As I mentioned in my last post, I was very surprised to find that, even as a tourist, I was not expected to pay an exorbitant amount (or indeed any amount) to enter the Dambulla Cave Temples. Despite my research indicating that the entrance fee should have been around 1,500rs (10€), it was completely free.

dambulla cave temples

Dambulla Caves Temples, Sri Lanka

The Dambulla Cave Temples were one of the things I was most looking forward to seeing in Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle, yet they still managed to exceed my expectations. It was at Dambulla Cave Temples that I realised that every day in Sri Lanka we were living new experiences:

why stay in habarana

Why Stay in Habarana for Visiting Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle: Pros and Cons

When I was researching where to stay for visiting Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle I found it hard to decide between the towns of Dambulla, Sigiriya and Habarana as a place to use as a base.

polonnaruwa gal vihara

Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka in Photos

Polonnaruwa is one of the must-visit monuments in Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle. The vast grounds and ruins that spread throughout the UNESCO protected historical park need a full day to visit and are best tackled by bicycle.


Polonnaruwa’s Ancient Ruins by Bicycle

Polonnaruwa is one of the must-visit sites in Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle. Steeped in history and legend, the vast well-kept ruins of Polonnaruwa are incredible to explore on a day out that takes you back through centuries gone by.

breakfast in sri lanka

Breakfast in Sri Lanka

Breakfast in Sri Lanka is an elaborate affair and can consist of many filling dishes to set you off for the day. While western-style breakfasts with eggs, toast and those anaemic-looking chicken sausages are widely available, it is the true Sri Lankan-style breakfast that will get your tastebuds going.

Buses in sri lanka

Buses in Sri Lanka

Every terrifying thing you’ve heard about the buses in Sri Lanka is true. I originally drafted this post right after I’d got off a bus in Sri Lanka so I could share my experience before I got on the next bus the next day and risked my life again…