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Taste Sri Lanka: Taste Kottu Roti

Taste Sri Lanka: Taste Kottu Roti

This is one of my Sri Lanka foodie posts. And my mouth is totally watering just thinking about kottus and rotis in Sri Lanka. If you are going to Sri Lanka (lucky thing) you absolutely have to eat kottu and roti (spellings often vary wildly).

Rice and Curry in Sri Lanka

Rice and Curry in Sri Lanka

Rice and curry in Sri Lanka is a completely unique experience compared to the food of other countries. The food in Sri Lanka in general is flavoursome and delicious but still one of the most simple foods I’ve had anywhere. Sri Lankan rice and curry is a perfect example of that.

wadi wadi train

Sri Lankan Trains and Wadi Wadi

We loved it in Sri Lanka when we were on the trains and the carriage door would open and the wadi wadi man would bustle through with a huge basket crying “wadi wadi“!

sri lanka street food

Thought Street Food Didn’t Exist in Sri Lanka? Think Again

Let me introduce you to SHORT EATS: Sri Lanka’s answer to street food. For me, short eats in Sri Lanka were the most exciting of snacks and the closest thing to street food that the country had to offer.

budis warung ubud

The Day I was Served Ants for Dinner in Bali

And no, it wasn’t something that I had ordered. Next time we speak I shall share with you something absolutely revolting that I tried willingly in Bangkok… But this side order of ants in Ubud, Bali was truly a (not very pleasant) surprise. So this post is about where NOT to eat in Ubud!

Street food jakarta

Street Food in Jakarta

We arrived in Jakarta, the four of us, sweaty, grimy and fed-up, after nearly 30 hours of travel, including a four hour delay at Doha before the last leg of our journey. We were desperate to shower and sleep. It was 10pm when we finally checked into our hotel, the Aston Cengkareng.

nasi goreng

Nasi Goreng

What to eat in Indonesia? That’s simple: Nasi Goreng. Nasi (rice) is the staple food everywhere in Asia, and nowhere is it quite as delicious as in nasi goreng, which quite literally means fried rice. Just like Pad Thai in Thailand or Pho in Vietnam, Nasi Goreng is the national dish of Indonesia.

san miguel market madrid

San Miguel Market: Heaven For Foodies in Madrid

San Miguel Market in Madrid is extremely popular with local people out for lunch, with visitors to the city and with foodies. (above photos by MercadoDeSanMiguel on Flickr) The fact that the market is located in the centre of Madrid adds to its popularity, due to its accessibility.


PeccataMinuta in Palma

It was a night full of “minute sins” the other night in Palma at the PeccataMinuta event organised by Chefs(in). There were a lot of people, but the question on everyone’s lips was, and still is, “was it successful?” And that’s what we are going to analyse here today. Was PeccataMinuta in Palma successful?

Where to eat in can tho

Where to Eat in Can Tho: A Night to Remember

I cannot recommend a better place where to eat in Can Tho as the place I experienced… As we were so tired after our day on the Mekong, and as the town of Can Tho was flooded, we decided not to venture too far from the hotel for dinner so we just walked down to […]

cao lau very good

Cao Lau: Very Good!

In Vietnam, especially towards the south, you can get “phó” (noodle soup) at any time from the street vendors, in the markets, in bars, cafes and restaurants. In Hoi An they make a very special kind of phó called cao lau.

a night in ninh binh

A Night in Ninh Binh

After a crazy bus journey packed with locals with their many parcels, children and animals, we arrived in Ninh Binh. It was 6pm and was already dark. The bus left us at the “bus station”, which was basically the corner of the street, and we set off to find a place to stay.

Street food in hanoi

Street Food in Hanoi: The Best in Southeast Asia

Where Should I Eat in Vietnam? This is a question that I once asked and one which I have heard many other visitors to Vietnam ask since. The answer is simple: eat where the locals eat. Here in Vietnam I have eaten at several restaurants recommended by guide books.

Feria de patatas de Sa Pobla

Feria de la Patata, Sa Pobla

As you know, I am at home in Mallorca at the moment… working (well, the money for all these travels has to come from somewhere)! Just because I’m working, doesn’t mean I can’t have fun too… Take a little stroll in my shoes… we are going to Sa Pobla…

Street Food in Cologne

Street Food in Cologne

Learning your knofibrot from your snitzel and your kölsch from your zunfttpunk is one of the most fun experiences in Cologne. Here’s a guide to get you started with street food in Cologne…