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Ham Ninh oysters

Something Fishy in Ham Ninh Village

On our last night at Kiki Coconut Beach Resort, Kiki booked us a taxi for 17:30 to go to Ham Ninh Village. George, Kiki’s husband, had recommended Ham Ninh to us, suggesting that we go there for our evening meal to discover the floating restaurants by the pier and to have a taste of local […]

kiki coconut beach resort

Kiki Coconut Beach Resort: One More Reason to Visit Phu Quoc

When we were in Phu Quoc last month, we stayed at Kiki Coconut Beach Resort. It was absolutely fabulous and I’m going to tell you all about it today. So put down your ironing, forget the monotony of the day-to-day, mix yourself a cocktail and put you feet up. You are joining me in my […]

Phu Quoc Diaries Day pho sgn

Phu Quoc Diaries Day 3: Don’t Fly With Jetstar

The jet lag hadn’t quite kicked in yet, as tiredness had cancelled it out, and we slept through the night. Plus the bed at Ciao Saigon Hotel was comfy, so that was a bonus. This was our first morning in Vietnam. We had arrived in Ho Chi Minh City the previous day after 21 hours […]

ciao saigon hotel

Ciao Saigon Hotel Review

During my latest visit to Phu Quoc in Vietnam, I needed to stay one night either end of the holiday in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). I chose the hotel Ciao Saigon for its proximity to the airport, the price and the amenities. Here is what I thought of the hotel: Hotel Ciao Saigon We […]

best night market saigon spring rolls and beer

Best Night Market, Saigon

We knew we were getting closer to the Ben Thanh area when the neon signs started to get brighter and the advertisements started to be for Tiger Beer and Budweiser rather than banks and motorbike repair shops. We were not visiting the famous Ben Thanh Market itself, but this area also happens to be the […]

phu quoc diaries view from ciao saigon

Phu Quoc Diaries Day 2: One Night in Saigon

This is Day 2 of the Phu Quoc Diaries series that I started last week. Here I am sharing with you my diary entries from my trip to the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc last month. If you haven’t read the previous entry, click here. Our Arrival in Saigon When we arrived in Saigon (Ho […]

phu quoc diaries beer in bcn

Phu Quoc Diaries Day 1: Should We Have Got a Vietnam Visa?

We were finally leaving Mallorca to go to Phu Quoc. The idea was to spend a couple of weeks relaxing on the beach, drinking beer at sunset and making tough decisions such as which scrummy beach barbecue to eat at each night. Toni knew where we were going as I’d made him guess by deciphering […]

phu quoc intro beach umbrella

New Destination: Phu Quoc

Happy New Year dear friends! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to all the great travels the new year is going to bring. My own Christmas was very quiet – everyone took it in turns to get sick! Oh dear. Well not to worry, we are all okay now. I […]

Mekong Delta Floating Market

Bartering From A Boat In The Mekong Delta

One of the most exciting and unique markets I’ve ever visited was the floating market in the Mekong Delta during my backpacking trip to Vietnam. In fact, Vietnam was our previous Destination of the Month. You can see the full itinerary of the month-long backpacking trip here.


Out of Vietnam With a Bang!

It’s the 31st December and the year is drawing to a close. It’s only appropriate that our current Destination of the Month: Vietnam, should also be finishing. Yes, I know that it was supposed to be Destination of the Month and we’ve been backpacking around Vietnam since October!

What to do in phu quoc

What to do in Phu Quoc

What to do in Phu Quoc? Well that’s an easy one: nothing. In Phu Quoc there is no need to do anything at all. Just enjoy. Sound like paradise? It is. Step into my flip flops because after all our exertions in the Mekong Delta we are ready to travel no further than the beach

InMyShoesTravel Mekong Delta Photo Tour

InMyShoesTravel Mekong Delta Photo Tour

After seeing so much in the Mekong Delta and discovering plenty, I thought it would be nice to share my favourite Mekong Delta photos with you. If you have already read some of my posts about the Mekong Delta, then you will be able to relate easily to the photos here.

Life in the Mekong Delta

Life in the Mekong Delta

Life in the Mekong Delta might seem charming and romantic to visitors who think about the simple boats making their way up and down the river, on which the people live, trade and basically exist. However, life in the Mekong Delta is, in reality, full of hardship, relative poverty and fear of the very waterway […]

Where to eat in can tho

Where to Eat in Can Tho: A Night to Remember

I cannot recommend a better place to eat in Can Tho than the place that I experienced… As we were so tired after our day on the Mekong, and as the town of Can Tho was flooded, we decided not to venture too far from the hotel for dinner so we just walked down to […]

mekong delta tour

Mekong Delta Tour: Value for Money Gastronomic Excursion or Two Days of Commercial Stops?

In this post we will be examining the Mekong Delta Tour that I took from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and we will decide whether a Mekong Delta tour is an amazing value for money gastronomic excursion or two solid days of commercial stops. As always, your thoughts and comments are very welcome… I suppose […]