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Long Thanh Gallery

Long Thanh Gallery: A Worthwhile Visit in Nha Trang

Long Thanh Gallery is located in Nha Trang, a place that usually attracts Russian cash-flouting tourists and European beach bums who don’t have much interest in culture. Nha Trang I realise I might be a little biased in my opinion of Nha Trang due to my own personal experience

marble mountains

Marble Mountains [A Photo Story]

Have you heard of the Marble Mountains in Vietnam? They are easy to reach from Hoi An and are definitely worth a visit. The Marble Mountains are five hills and each one is said to represent one of the five elements: earth, water, metal, wood and fire. The villages at the bottom of the Marble […]

hoi an_beach 01

Cycling in Hoi An

In Hoi An we hired bicycles to go to the beach. If you’ve read some of my posts about the roads in Vietnam then you will understand why this was quite intrepid for me. But actually cycling in Hoi An was pretty pleasant, especially when we got out of the city centre…

Hoi An Sunday

Sunday with the Locals in Hoi An

On the Sunday that we were in Hoi An we took a walk across the bridge near the market and over to a small island in the middle of the river. There was a huge difference between this side of the bridge and the centre of town on the other side of the bridge.

hoi an tailor

Hoi An Tailors

The thing to do in Hoi An is have clothes made. There are tailors and shoemakers lining every street and they are all ready with their tape measure and their calculator. Most of the Hoi An tailors in the centre of town display similar garments to each other in their windows. Most offer similar quality […]

cao lau very good

Cao Lau: Very Good!

In Vietnam, especially towards the south, you can get “phó” (noodle soup) at any time from the street vendors, in the markets, in bars, cafes and restaurants. In Hoi An they make a very special kind of phó called Cao Lau.

Hoi An

Hoi An: A Beautiful Town

Hoi An was the first town during my travels in Vietnam that I would actually call beautiful. Of course, there have been many beautiful sights during this trip (check out the itinerary here) but not the actual towns themselves. There are vibrant towns, exciting towns, and busy, bustling, atmospheric towns, and there are towns – […]

hue traffic

We Killed a Dog in Hoi An!

Well, not us directly but our taxi driver did. We had to take a taxi from Danang train station to Hoi An where we were staying.   We were driving down a dual carriageway and there was a dog in the road.

Train from Danang to Hoi An

He Was Lucky: A Cautionary Tale

Leaving Hue everything was fine although, as I mentioned the other day, we had to reduce the half hour walk to the station to 20 minutes because breakfast went on a bit too long. We caught the 8:03 train at about 8:30 and the journey to Danang took just short of 3 hours.

Spanish friends in Hue

It’s a Small World

In Hue we had dinner with some friends from Spain! What a coincidence. We found out the previous day that they were in Hue at the same time as us (before that we didn’t even know that they were in Vietnam).

ray bans

No Optical Illusions in Hue

If you need glasses and you are in Hue you are in the right place!   Opticians Galore in Hue It’s like a national trade; I think there must be some kind of free university place for aspiring eye doctors or something.

royal tombs in hue

Royal Tombs in Hue [A Photo Story]

The Royal Tombs in Hue were built by the Emperor during the Ngyuen Dynasty and were intended as a burial place for him, his family and his kings. The Royal Tombs were built during the emperor’s lifetime, though, and were often used as locations for parties and entertainment.

Hue citadel

In My Shoes in Hue

It rained rained rained in Hue. Hue Hue (hway) is a nice enough place with plenty of activity along the river. It is a very historical town and was once the Imperial Capital. Thanks to its rich history, Hue has a slighty touristy feel and is a place that’s used to receiving plenty of visitors.

sleeper trains in vietnam

Sleeper Trains in Vietnam

Why, oh why, do I never learn that when travelling in Asia you MUST reserve train travel well in advance? If you don’t, the best seats are taken and you have to go with what’s left. Which is usually some crowded compartment with hard wooden benches to sit on.

Tam Coc Adventure

Tam Coc Motorbike Adventure

We had the hotel in Ninh Binh organise three motorbikes with driver for us for the whole day, to take us wherever we pleased. We paid $12 each. Perhaps we could have got it cheaper but we had negotiated the cost of the trip with the price of the hotel room and were happy with the […]