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InMyShoesTravel Update Feb 2017_01

InMyShoesTravel Update Feb 2017

Well Happy New Year everyone! And sorry I haven’t had the chance to say it yet. I’ve been busy busy busy… But I know, I get it; who hasn’t? Tell you something new, right? Well I thought I’d start with a little update and let you know what to expect on the blog soon…

first impressions of sri lanka

My First Impressions of Sri Lanka

Hi all! I’m just sitting on a stunning beach in Sri Lanka sipping a surprisingly good cocktail and listening to the crashing waves. Toni is off playing in said crashing waves, which you’re not supposed to do because the current is strong, but I can hear him laughing manically as he gets drenched so he’s alright.

back to work

Back to work…

Goodness me, it’s that time of year again. Can you believe I’ve already had five months off and now it’s time to go back to work? Well, I can’t believe it myself, let me tell you!


Where to Buy Your Wine in Mallorca

An annual wine tasting event, a wonderful wine shop and a great delivery service: Today we are talking about Vinamica in Lloseta, Mallorca. If you live in Mallorca or if you visit Mallorca often, the chances are you drink a lot of wine. It’s a Mediterranean thing!

bodegas suau

Bodegas Suau: A Brandy Cellar in Mallorca

Did you know there was a bodega (cellar) dedicated especially to producing brandy in Mallorca? There’s only one on the island and it’s called Bodegas Suau. Have you heard of it? It has been on the go for two centuries and is housed in a majestic and intriguing building.

Sa Llego

Sa Llego Fun Run In Sa Pobla

Sa Llego fun run in Sa Pobla in Mallorca is quite a big sporting event on the island and it was my first ever competitive race (unless you count the 4 mile fun run when I was six – which my parents certainly do!).

olive groves soller

Making Mallorcan Olive Oil in Soller

When you think of Soller in Mallorca, don’t you think of a busy little Mediterranean town with a magnificent square showing off all the most important buildings and a splendid concoction of architectural styles? Don’t you think of a valley in the Tramuntana Mountains, where the warm sunshine makes oranges glow bright on the trees?


Driving Tour: Villages in Mallorca You’d Never Heard Of

Today I’m going to tell you about a beautiful driving route around some of Mallorca’s least known llogarets (hamlets) in the area of Sencelles, which are well-worth a morning of your time. This photo-post will take us around the tiny villages of Jornets, Cas Canar, Ruberts and Pina.

jewish cemetery in mallorca

A Truly Kosher Visit to the Jewish Cemetery

One of the most interesting and unusual visits I’ve ever taken part in in Mallorca was to the Jewish Cemetery in Santa Eugenia. Seems like a strange visit, doesn’t it: a tour of a cemetery? It’s generally a place that people avoid if possible. But this one was special…


PeccataMinuta in Palma

It was a night full of “minute sins” the other night in Palma at the PeccataMinuta event organised by Chefs(in). There were a lot of people, but the question on everyone’s lips was, and still is, “was it successful?” And that’s what we are going to analyse here today. Was PeccataMinuta in Palma successful?


The PalmaTrip And Why We Weren’t Invited

Here is my view of the PalmaTrip which is currently taking place in Palma de Mallorca. I have decided to write this post because I am sick of hearing about who from the island has been invited and who has not been invited.

Mallorcan Black Pig

Spotlight on Matanzas

Today I have been at the matanzas fair in Sineu. It’s a fair that celebrates an old rural tradition, which is still followed in many places, in which the pig plays the star role.


InMyShoesTravel Update

Just to let you know what’s going on, what plans we have and where we are. Here’s a little InMyShoesTravel update: Indonesia As you may know, I have just been backpacking around Indonesia for one month. You probably know that Indonesia is a country made up of hundreds of islands in Southeast Asia.

almond fair in santa margalida

Almond Fair in Santa Margalida

Last weekend was the almond fair in Santa Margalida in Mallorca. As you know, I love going to these local fairs and fiestas in some of the tiny villages in Mallorca. The autumn fairs are just starting now and each town or village has its own theme.

Best Boat Trip in Puerto Pollensa

The Best Boat Trip in Puerto Pollensa

Last weekend, thanks to Toni from, I went on the best boat trip in Puerto Pollensa. No, the best boat trip in Mallorca. In fact, the most luxurious boat I’ve ever been on… It was the Gran Atalaya sailing boat in Puerto Pollensa.