Changing of the Guard in Prague

As you know, I’m in Prague at the moment. I have been to see the changing of the guard today at Prague castle. This is something that happens every hour on the hour but if you time it to see the changing of the guard at 12 noon you get to see the flag ceremony as well.

Crowds stand around in below-freezing temperatures at the entrance to the castle to see the ceremony.

Trumpet players appear in the windows of the castle and the new guard marches into the castle to a fanfare as the crowd makes way for them to enter.

changing of the guard prague

The ceremony lasts a good ten minutes as the old guard is released and the new guard takes over. The flag is passed from one battalion to the other. The soldiers that are assigned the tough job of standing like statues for an hour guarding the “Gate of Giants”, the entrance to the castle, are escorted to their post and the relieved soldiers (in more ways than one) are escorted back to their squadron.

Changing of the Guard, Prague Castle

Nowadays the highly trained soldiers in this platoon are the country’s elite, but back in the days of obligatory military service during communism, any unfortunate soul could find himself standing guard outside in temperatures well below freezing for two hours without being able to move a muscle.

These days the guards stand for one hour and are well togged up with military issue boots and amazingly cosy, and absolutely necessary, coats and hats.

After about 15 minutes of standing there enjoying the ceremony and shooting photos we had just about turned to ice, so it was now time to head into the castle itself and explore…

See all the photos from the changing of the guard in Prague below.

Or step into my shoes and join me on my adventure in Prague

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