Cruise the Rhine

A cruise on the River Rhine is one of the nicest ways to enjoy the city of Cologne; you get a completely different perspective of the layout of the city and you get to enjoy wonderful views from the comfort of the river boat.

Cologne River Cruise

It’s the end of January but Cologne is still the Destination of the Month at until we move to slightly warmer climes and delicious food for February.

When I was in Cologne it was snowing and it was freezing. And as beautiful as that is, it’s nice to have a break and get warm while still being able to enjoy the city.

So I decided to do one of the river cruises on offer. There were lots of boats on the Rhine; some of them there all the time offering the same programme of short excursions every day and some of them visiting only once a week or even less, with passengers doing elaborate cruises up and down the Rhine (and other rivers such as Main and Danube) from anywhere between Amsterdam and Budapest.

Cruise on the Rhine

All I wanted was a cruise lasting a few hours to enjoy Cologne. And there were plenty of cruises available. I took an evening cruise which lasted two hours and showed me all the places along the river lit up with the snow falling down onto them.

Cruise on the Rhine

Inside the boat, the lounge was warm and cosy, with tables and chairs, a bar with waiter service and plenty of windows to see out of and enjoy the views. As it was Christmas when I was there, we also had the pleasure of being entertained onboard by Santa Claus!

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Organising a Rhine Cruise

There are different Rhine cruises available; all you need to do is take a stroll along the river in Cologne and where you see the boats you will find a ticket booth with a programme. There are full day cruises, afternoon cruises and cruises with dinner. My cruise was the basic evening cruise with no extras like food or drink included and it cost about 16€ per head.

You can also book weekend cruises that take you to different cities or longer cruises that leave the country. My cruise was with Viking Cruises and I was happy with the service and the standard of the boat. Take a look here at their website: Viking Cruises

If you decide to book at one of the ticket booths rather than online, try to book a few days in advance, even in the winter as the cruises are very popular with visitors and they get full.

Cruise on the Rhine

Cruise on the Rhine

Cruise on the Rhine

Are you planning a trip to Cologne? Discover more about what’s on offer right here.

Or you can see the rest of the photos from this cruise here.

Have you been on a river cruise? Where was it? What did you think? Please share your experiences in the comments.

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  1. Encarna says:

    Hi again!
    Cologne has never been in my plans, but now that I have read this post and seen the pictures I have change my mind and I want to go!!!!!!! and right now, you see!!hahahahahaha. I have to travel in february or march, but I don’t know where!!! I have visited the main european cities(berlin, paris, london, rome, scotland, Wien…) and I feel like going back to London, but I went last february, so I think that is better to visit new places…I’m going to have a look to cologne flights….did you go with airberlin???
    thank you!

  2. Tony Hinds says:

    Fabulous piece and I will definitely add Cologne to my places to visit after reading this and I love river trips! Such a great way to get around and a really cool new way to see things from a different viewpoint.

    Thank you 🙂 x

    • Lisa says:

      Hey Toni, thanks so much for reading. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post. You should definitely visit Cologne; it’s a fantastic place. Have you been to Germany?

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