Can Bangkok Wait?

I’d like to ask your opinion. Well, I’m always giving you mine, so it’s only fair.

You know that here on the blog I write about my current travels and my past travels, and then I have a monthly theme or destination called Destination of the Month. Each month I chose a destination and over the course of that month I give advice and suggestions and share my own experiences from that destination, putting together a mini travel guide.

Past Destinations of the Month have taken us to:

The Christmas markets of Cologne, where we’ve frozen our toes off and sipped on gluwein, as well as having a crazy spa experience in a very surreal and very naked German sauna. We also visited the chocolate museum and took a cruise in the snow down the Rhine.


Then we took a gastronomic tour around Mallorca, lasting a whole month. We ate like kings at Alaro Castle when we feasted on roast shoulder of lamb, we learned how to make frito mallorquin in that magic cooking pot, the greixonera, and we discovered what is so special about the ramillet tomatoes. We also visited a biscuit factory, a fascinating snail farm and the largest potato co-operative in Sa Pobla.

Santa Maria

Next it was time for me to show you around Leeds, my city of birth and place where I grew up. We went for a day out at the Yorkshire Mining Museum and to a wedding at Hazlewood Castle. We discovered the amazing Victorian architecture of Leeds City Centre and we went shopping in the city’s unique arcades.

County Arcade, Leeds

Current Destination of the Month

Now we are back in Mallorca and we have spent the past month in my shoes at work.

I have had such a great time taking you on excursions and giving you a behind-the-scenes look at organising excursions.

We have been for a tour around Alcudia on the Alcudia Xperience open top bus, we have been to see the awesome Pirates Adventure show,we went bartering at my favourite market and we saw breathtaking views of the west coast when we went on the Island Tour.

road to sa calobra

I also introduced you to Henry, a very special member of the No Frills team, and we had a surprising visit from Son Amar at the office.

Your Advice

But here’s where I need your advice: you see, I have so much more of Mallorca to show you through the eyes of a tourist and through the excursions operated by No Frills Excursions. I want to take you to Katmandu theme park, I want to show you the real, rustic and rural Mallorca on our very special and original tour, I want to take you sailing on a catamaran and I want to show you the amazing photos I took in Puerto Soller two weeks ago on the sunset cruise.

As well as all that, there are water parks, nature parks and I also want to take you to see cabaret show Son Amar.

But I have a problem; today is the 31st of July. It’s the end of the month and, in theory, the end of this Destination of the Month and time for a new one.

So here’s what I’m thinking: why don’t we extend No Frills Excursions in Mallorca as Destination of the Month until the end of August?

I know you were really looking forward to going in my shoes to Bangkok, but we still will: I can’t wait to show you Bangkok either.

So my question for you is this: Can Bangkok wait? Can we use August to finish exploring Mallorca through the eyes of a tourist and go visit Bangkok in September?

Can I first of all take you on my top five boat trips in Mallorca? Can I take you ziplining through the forest at La Reserva? Can I show you around Granny’s finca in the Santa Maria countryside? Don’t you want to go to the Caves of Drach and explore Europe’s largest underground lake?

The choice is yours and so are the comments…

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  1. Tom says:

    I like Thailand and Bangkok, but I also want to see the rest of Mallorca! 😉
    Here you can see my Thailand photos;

  2. Kathleen levell says:

    Hi lisa , i think bangkok can wait ,i would love to see more of the the beautiful island of mallorca ,

  3. susan sykes says:

    I also would like to see the rest of Mallorca, I would like a couple of ideas of where to visit when I come to Mallorca in October.

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