Destination of the Month

This is my mini travel guide.

Each month I will choose a new destination to highlight, where you can find out what’s hot, what’s not and exactly how to make the most of your time there.

Sometimes it might be a place and sometimes it might be a theme. Either way, it will always be fun, informative and complete.

You will find the most recent Destination of the Month at the bottom of this page.




In January 2013 I will be looking back at the previous month’s trip in Cologne when I went for the amazing Christmas Markets and made the most of gorging myself on delicious German street food and Gluwein – well, it was cold!

It was my first time visiting Germany and I fell in love with Cologne; such a delightful city with its gingerbread houses along the river, stunning cathedral and cosy pubs.

During my short stay, I took a freezing cruise down the Rhine, visited the heaven-like chocolate museum had a bizarre experience at a sauna in the snow, took in a free concert and tried Cologne’s very typical Kolsch.


Sweet bread


In February we will be in Mallorca, but not for the sights: we will be exploring the island through its traditional food.

I am a firm believer in getting to know a place through its stomach. We can learn so much about a culture from the local food and culinary customs, plus, sharing a meal is a great way to get to know the local people.

While Mallorca Gastronomy is our Destination of the Month, we will visit an old fashioned biscuit factory, learn about the potatoes in Sa Pobla and have a very interesting tour of a snail farm. Oh, and we will go to Embutidos Matas, one of Mallorca’s hidden gems for those who like a good quality Spanish sausage or two.


Leeds Corn Exchange


Our next stop will be in the UK, learning about one of the most exciting cities of the north of England (and my hometown): Leeds.

We will visit the city itself when we go shopping in the characteristic arcades, find out why Leeds Kirkgate Market is one of the best markets in the country and explore the famous landmark: Leeds Corn Exchange. We’ll also delve into some of the city’s fascinating history.

While we are staying in Leeds, we’ll take a trip out to the Yorkshire Mining Museum and we’ll visit Hazlewood Castle for my cousin’s wedding.


Alcudia Xperience Bus


I work for an excursion company in Mallorca and in July 2013 I’ll be using my work as a theme to show you around the island of Mallorca on some of our tours.

We’ll take our famous and fabulous Island Tour, we’ll take a look at some of the best boat trips in Alcudia, we’ll visit the House of Katmandu and we’ll have a wild western barbecue night with some horse riding too.

While we’re at it I’ll introduce you to Henry the elephant and I’ll take you on a scenic walk through Alcudia following the route that I walk to work every day.

I’ll also give you a little behind the scenes look at my job and what happens when things don’t quite go according to plan.


Wat Ratchanadda


In August we will be opening the door to Thailand, and what better place to start than Bangkok?

Step into my shoes and join me in discovering the splendid temples of Wat Arun and Wat Ratchanadda. Be awestruck with me at the spectacular Grand Palace. And while we’re in Bangkok, let’s take a day trip out of the city to see how the monks run the Tiger Temple.


hue traffic


We will stick with Southeast Asia in October 2013 and will embark on an adventurous backpacking trip around Vietnam.

Our trip will take us the full length of the country, starting in the crazy capital, Hanoi, where we will learn how to cross the road and will eat some of Southeast Asia’s best street food.

Among other things we will take a cruise to UNESCO World Heritage Site Halong Bay, we will have an adventure in Tam Coc, visit the Marble Mountains near Hoi An and explore the Mekong Delta.

The whole trip will be the ride of a lifetime. Oh, and did I mention that Toni and I took his dad with us?!

You can see the whole Vietnam itinerary here.


La Boqueria Market 02


We kick off 2014 with our next Destination of the Month, which is a theme rather than specific destination. Here I tell you about my favourite markets all over the world.

Everyone loves a market, whether to pick up some great unusual gifts, to mingle with the locals or to eat.

From Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo to my favourite market in Mallorca. From a traditional herbs market in Indonesia to the San Miguel food market in Madrid. From bartering down the Mekong River to a centuries-old medina in Sousse.




We spend an entire month in the Indonesian Rainforest in Kalimantan in Borneo.

This is an experience like no other as we search for tarantulas on the night trek, almost get abducted by an over-friendly orang-utan, sleep in the open-air on an Indonesian river boat, and have the time of our lives in the jungle.

Here is the entire rainforest blog; a complete guide for any visitor to Kalimantan and the Tanjung Puting National Park.


Winter Activities Page


I introduce you to our Winter Activities group in Mallorca; a group of people from all different walks of life and many from different countries who all have something in common: they like to get out and see Mallorca.

Our Winter Activities group plans many things like hiking trips and visits. We went to a Jewish Cemetery, had a guided visit of the Quely Biscuit factory, went to Toni’s granny’s finca where we made empanadas in the outside wood-burning oven, and went exploring the Cova Tancada in Alcudia.


malioboro street


This Destination of the Month is the first half of my backpacking trip around INDONESIA. We are backpacking around the island of Java and having quite an adventure.

We start in the bustling capital of Jakarta where we have a very interesting street-food experience. Then we’re off to the jungle for three nights on a klotok in the Tanjung Puting National Park.

We visit some amazing temples during our next stay in Yogyakarta, plus an unusual market experience. Then we are driving for three days visiting some of the country’s most spectacular scenery: the volcanos.

After that we’ll be heading to Bali for a much needed relax. Then the rest is another story…


punto mx


During this gastronomic trip to Madrid we will have the pleasure of visiting four of Spain’s top restaurants in as many days. We will dine at Paco Roncero’s Terraza del Casino and at David Muñoz’s Diverxo. We will visit for my first time a Michelin star Mexican restaurant and we will eat at Club Allard, where we will also learn about head chef and a phenomenal woman, Maria Marte.

We will also be discovering some of the best cheese available in the Spanish capital, both where to eat and where to buy.


Current Destination of the Month

art in mallorca

Getting a-head at Es Revellar art hotel

Our current Destination of the Month is ART IN MALLORCA. Most people, on hearing Mallorca don’t immediately think of art. They tend to think of beaches, beautiful scenery and gorgeous weather. So this time we are discovering a different side to Mallorca and we are doing that through art.

This destination of the month will take us to a sculpture park, to an art hotel and on a guided art tour through the city of Palma.