Did The Geckos Eat My Soap?

I’m not 100% sure that it was the geckos. But I am pretty sure. And I’m not 100% sure that they actually ate it. But I didn’t hear the shower go on in the middle of the night so I don’t think they were using it.

When I stayed in Kanawa it was towards the end of my backpacking trip around Indonesia and I ran out of shower gel.

I’d stashed a couple of complimentary bars of soap as we made our way around the country for this exact reason; so I didn’t have to bother buying more wash gel for the last few days.

The first time I showered in Kanawa I unwrapped one of the soaps and when I finished showering I left it there with my face wash and shampoo in the bathroom, which as you know wasn’t a bathroom per se, it was more of an outhouse without much of a roof covering it.

At night time there were plenty of geckos scurrying about, terrorising the flies and trying to rape each other (more about that later).

The next day when I went to shower, my soap wasn’t there! Toni admitted to having used it but was sure he’d put it back. I assumed it had fallen on the floor and got mixed up with the pebbles and thought no more of it.

I opened the other soap I’d taken. I used it and left it with my face wash and shampoo.

During the day we were in and out of the sea so I showered a few times. The soap was always where I left it.

The next day the soap was gone! I couldn’t believe it.

The geckos?

I had to apologise to Toni because I had kind of blamed him a bit for the first disappearance.

The worst thing was; now I was soap-less! Guess I would eventually have to buy shower gel! Another thing to add to my shopping list for my escape to Labuan Bajo.

The geckos ate my soap

Our gecko viewing platform

Geckos on Kanawa Island

During my visit to Kanawa I had the opportunity to observe the geckos. As there was nothing to do on an evening and we didn’t like the restaurant or its food, we would normally get some beers and take them to our bungalow and drink them outside on the comfy day bed while munching on some of our goodies from Labuan Bajo.

Normally at this time of night there’d be a congregation of the coolest geckos on our outside wall.

In fascination we would watch the speed at which they caught flies and bugs and agility and style with which they wiggled as they scurried across the wall or ceiling.

We figured that the noise they make; something between a squeak and a kissing sound, is made by the male, and we also figured that this must be the mating call because whenever they made the noise they seemed to pounce on the nearest female.

We watched many times as he’d sink his teeth into her neck until she stopped squirming and then somehow secure her with his tail.

More often than not the female would get out of his clutches and shoot to the other end of the wall.

In this gang of the coolest geckos there always seemed to be a more dominant male, or at least a more horny male, who would terrorise more females than the others. Whenever another male had a female in his clutches and was getting it on, this horny one would launch himself at the couple in a frenzied attack and would break them up.

The problem whenever that happened was that one of the geckos involved would always drop from the wall and land on its gaping audience below. Us! Scaring the life out of us.

So what do you think? Do you know about the mating rituals of geckos? Do you know if they like to eat soap? Do you think then, if you do, that you need to get out more? Just kidding, please share your wisdom in the comments.

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