Els Calderers, Mallorca

Well, it’s the beginning of a new week again, which means today is Mallorca Monday. Today I am going to tell you (and show you) about a visit I made in March to Els Calderers. It was one of the last visits of our Winter Activities group for winter 2014-15.

Els Calderers, Mallorca

Winter Activities at Els Calderers

What is Els Calderers?

Els Calderers is a typical old manor house in Mallorca, in San Joan (click for location). Maybe you have heard of a similar but more famous place in Mallorca called La Granja. Well, Els Calderers is a bit like that property but not quite as well known.

A Mallorcan possessió

The type of old manor house that Els Calderers is is called a possessió (possession) in Mallorca and the word refers to large estates that had a manor house, with a farm and community of workers, similar to a stately home in the UK.

Els Calderers

The fierce and elegant guardian at Els Calderers

In a possessió, there were the owners; the family, the lord of the manor, if you like. Then there was the amo. The amo was in charge of running everything, like a manager.

And below them there were the workers: the gardeners that would tend the orchard, crops and flowers; farmers that would look after the pigs, goats and sheep and be in charge of the dairy or animal products from these animals; and then there were the people that worked in the house itself, like cooks and cleaners.

Els Calderers, Mallorca

Typical kitchen of a Mallorcan possessió

So a possessió provided a lot of work for people, and whole communities were built around them. In the larger properties, like Els Calderers, there was even a chapel for mass where the workers and the family could worship.

Els Calderers

Els Calderers is one of the oldest properties on the island of Mallorca and is thought to date back to the 13th century. It was already mentioned in a document in 1285 as belonging to the Calderers family.

The estate was sold to the Verí family in the 18th century and it is believed that the manor house that stands there today was built by them and added to over the years.

Els Calderers, Mallorca

The possessió that we can visit today was built in the 18th century

Wine production was the main incoming for the house, but like in much of Mallorca, the vineyards succumbed to the phylloxera plague in the 19th century.

The plantations were replaced by wheat fields, and then grain became the most important source of income.

There is once again a winery in the house today, and visitors can visit the bodegas and sample the wine. Els Calderers even commercialises the wine on a small scale.

The interior of the house and the gardens are kept much as they were when Els Calderers was a working possessió so that visitors can see how life used to be in Mallorca. There is still a small farm too with farm animals such as pigs, goats and chickens.

Els Calderers, Mallorca

One of today’s residents of Els Calderers

Visiting Els Calderers

The visit to Els Calderers is not a guided visit, so once inside the property you are free to go at your own pace and go where you want, although there is a marked route for you to follow. There is little information in the house but you can pick up an information sheet at the entrance when you pay.

The entrance fee is 8€ for adults and 4€ for children under 12 years on the door, but you can buy open tickets online with 10% discount here.

The entrance ticket includes a visit to all the rooms that are open to the public: hall, reception room, Priest’s office, chapel, wine cellar, hunting room, master’s office, dining room, music room, mistress’s room, drawing room, main bedroom, sitting room, master’s dressing room, mistress’s dressing room, bathroom, ironing room, other bedrooms, kitchen and the amo’s office.

Els Calderers, Mallorca

Chapel at Els Calderers

As you work your way around the property, you get to sample things that are made here, such as the Els Calderers wine and their own sobrassada.

Els Calderers, Mallorca

Sobrassada on bread to sample at Els Calderers

As well as all these interior rooms that are furnished in the style of the period, there is the huge granary to visit, that now has a small exhibition of mills, presses and tools.

Els Calderers, Mallorca

The Granary at Els Calderers

Outside there are some very beautiful and well-kept gardens and the pig pens and fields with the goats, which are also great to look around, especially with children.

I really enjoyed the visit and I’m sure that you would too.

Here are a few photos from the day:

Els Calderers, Mallorca

Typewriter on display in the amo’s office at Els Calderers

Els Calderers, Mallorca

Hunting room at Els Calderers

Els Calderers, Mallorca

The master’s library

Els Calderers, Mallorca

Fun for all the family at Els Calderers

Els Calderers, Mallorca

Beautiful collections on display at Els Calderers

You can see more photos from our day out in the slideshow below. If you are not able to see the slideshow, please click here.

In my shoes at Els Calderers…

Remember, this was a visit with our Winter Activities group, which means that it was winter in Mallorca. Winter in Mallorca means about 20ºC, so not cold. I had on my fantastic all-purpose Mustang cowboy boots, which go great with a dress and tights or over skinny jeans.

If I were visiting in summer I wouldn’t hesitate to wear flip flops or flat sandals but I would certainly not recommend high heels.

I would like to remind you that all the photos used on InMyShoesTravel.com are my own unless otherwise stated.
You can see my whole collection of Travel Photos here.



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  1. susan sykes says:

    Will definately give this a visit when we come to Mallorca in June, it is just the kind of thing that I like to see.

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