Feria de la Patata, Sa Pobla

As you know, I am at home in Mallorca at the moment… working (well, the money for all these travels has to come from somewhere)!

Feria de patatas de Sa PoblaJust because I’m working, doesn’t mean I can’t have fun too…

Take a little stroll in my shoes… we are going to Sa Pobla

This weekend was the potato fair, or feria de la patata in Sa Pobla, the town where nearly all of Mallorca’s potatoes are grown.

Now, anyone who knows anything about the local fiestas in Mallorca knows that the town of Sa Pobla really knows how to throw a party. So when Toni said to me on Saturday, “let’s go to the potato fair in Sa Pobla tonight followed by the midnight dancing fair in Selva,” I was more than enthusiastic.

We went in the evening and the main square was packed with people who had been out all day having a good time, drinking wine and trying the many gastronomic delights offered at stalls all around the square.

The town hall was lit up, there was a marching band going around playing upbeat music and the people were chatting animately in the square, propping up the high round tables that had been dotted all over for people to eat and drink at.

Feria de la Patata, Sa Pobla

Many of Sa Pobla’s restaurants were represented at the many stalls all around the square, each offering their speciality potato dish made with the local Sa Pobla crop.

I could see why people had spent all day in the main square: the dishes (costing either 2€ or 3€) were quite filling and if you wanted to taste a few you’d need a bit of time in between to rest.

We were very lucky because as soon as we arrived we bumped into some friends from Sa Pobla who wanted to show off their town’s best to the out-of-towners and who had it all figured out. They told us what to try, what better to avoid and what was worth queuing for. They even gave us a list of all the restaurants taking part and what was offered by each one.

Feria de la Patata, Sa Pobla

So we went for the spicy “bomba” from Antic Restaurant Can Cotà and a dish of “frito de matanzas” though I don’t know which restaurant it was from as there were a few places offering this. Both dishes were excellent.

There were plenty of potato croquettes and Spanish omelettes, but then there were some interesting and more creative dishes, all featuring potato as the main ingredient, including desserts, octopus salad and “espinagada de patata” (a pie typical from Sa Pobla, but which usually contains eel, not potato).

Just out of interest, continuing with the weekend’s potato celebrations, today there is actually a tortilla de patatas competition, to see who can officially make the best Spanish omelette in Sa Pobla!


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