Fran Reus Gallery, Palma

Our last stop on the art tour in Palma that I attended with our Winter Activities group was the Fran Reus Gallery, a place that has existed since 2003 and is found in the centre of Palma up one of the many charming side streets.

Their current exhibition was called (Self) Portrait and featured several artists, not just one.

At this particular exhibition, none of the pieces were for sale. At least not for the moment anyway. This was because of the style of the project; everything had to be kept together for it to make any sense.

This was my favourite collection of the four galleries that we visited on this guided walk, probably because to my non-art mind, it was the easiest to understand.

It would be the second time this evening that we would experience an atypical self-portrait. The first was in Marcos Vidal’s collection at Casal Solleric.

(Self) Portrait

This is how the (Self) Portrait project worked:

The gallery had selected ten local artists and ten local photographers to participate in the project and they paired together an artist with a photographer. The pair had to spend time together and then the photographer had to take a portrait photo of the artist, styled in any way the photographer saw fit.

The pair worked together but the photographer had the final say and could take the photo in the setting or position that he or she saw fit. Some were set in the artist’s studio with props, some were simple plain backgrounds and some were totally different.

The artist had to then use that photo and interpret the best way to draw him/herself based on the photo.

There were some interesting results.

Visita Ciceró d'Art por Palma.

Biel Grimalt / Fabio Córcoles | Photo by Teresa Jimenez

The effort between photographer Biel Grimalt and artist Fabio Córcoles was the one that caught my attention the most.

I got the feeling that one or two of the artists just painted themselves how they wished to be portrayed and not really based on the photograph. However, it could be just that my untrained mind had not understood these projects.

There is very little information available online about this gallery or about the artists involved. If you like the sound of the exhibition then I highly recommend that you pay them a visit at Fran Reus Gallery where they’ll be more than happy to see you.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of this guided art tour through the city of Palma.

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