Why I Didn’t Love Galle [and a Photo Story]

When I was researching Sri Lanka I wasn’t sure whether to stay at Galle or Unawatuna. After reading a bit I figured it would be better to stay at Unawatuna and Visit Galle just for the day. Plus Toni wanted beach, so decision made!

I totally made the right decision to visit Galle just for a day.

In fact, we didn’t even manage the full day. We stayed in Galle for just a few hours and that was enough. That’s not Galle’s fault though, please don’t think there’s anything wrong with the place; it was us. I think we were a little worn out by this time. We were at the end of our Sri Lanka holiday and we knew it. We were becoming sluggish.

The Heat in Galle

But the main reason I couldn’t stand Galle for long was the heat. Despite the fact we had set out early from Unawatuna to catch the bus to Galle, the heat was immense. It was our hottest day in Sri Lanka. You know those days when you want sea breeze, an ice cold beer and the opportunity to splash around? What you don’t want is to be trekking around a dusty city feeling filthy and watching the heat shimmer on the pavements.

Our hearts weren’t in it, we were just traipsing around. So after a few hours we did the sensible thing and caught the bus back to Unawatuna.

Galle in Photos

It wasn’t all bad in Galle though, just not quite worth all the hype that the city seems to get. Anyway, here are the photos.

buddha statue

The Lord presiding over Galle

Galle Fort

Local buses outside Galle Fort


Which way?

Galle 2016

The crumbling remains of Galle Fort

Galle 2016

Just a church we past

National Maritime Museum

National Maritime Museum

Galle 2016

A tree with serious issues

Shopping in Galle

Shopping in Galle

Queens street Galle

Queen’s Street

Galle Police Barracks

Galle Police Barracks (and police tuk tuk?)

Galle beach

There were loads of local people on this beach

Galle 2016

Galle Lighthouse

Galle 2016

I love the contrasts in this pic with the mosque behind

Galle 2016

Toni buying the essentials

Galle 2016

Anyone seen the bus station?

Galle 2016

Men at work

Galle 2016

The famous Galle cricket ground

Galle 2016

Tuk tuks and cows. Yep, we’re definitely in Sri Lanka

Have you been to Galle? Most people love it, did you? Or what did you think?

I would like to remind you that all the photos used on InMyShoesTravel.com are my own unless otherwise stated.
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