How to get from Kalimantan to Yogyakarta

For those that fancy doing a similar backpacking route around Indonesia to the one that we did, there will be one question that poses a bit of difficulty: how to get from Kalimantan to Yogyakarta?

In Kalimantan we were at Tanjung Puting National Park. The closest airport is Pangkalan Bun.

The day that we left Kalimantan to go to Yogyakarta, there were no direct flights to Yogyakarta Airport from Pangkalan Bun.

So here’s how we did it…

How to get from Kalimantan to Yogyakarta when there are no direct flights:

Even when there are no direct flights, you are still going to have to fly one way or another because Kalimantan is on the island of Borneo and Yogyakarta is on the island of Java.

We found a flight with Kalstar from Pangkalan Bun to Semarang, leaving at 1240 and taking just over an hour.

how to get from kalimantan to yogyakarta

Pangkalan Bun Airport

You don’t need much check-in time at Pangkalan Bun Airport because there are literally two grubby rooms: one where you leave your bags and one where you wait.

We got there early and ended up in the waiting area for a long time. We had left our bags, paid our taxes (11,000 IDR (less than a euro) per person) and passed security five minutes after we had entered the airport.

Flying with Kalstar

The flight with Kalstar was the same as flying with any other local airline in Indonesia:

  • The flight left late
  • The all-female cabin crew were dressed up like air-hostesses from the 1970s
  • We got a lunch box snack onboard with some weird pastry inside
  • It got us from A to B

How to get from Semarang Airport to Yogyakarta

Semarang Achmad Yani International Airport is another small airport, though pleasant enough, and apparently it has won the Cleanest Airport Award for three consecutive years.

Once we collected our bags we went outside and found a taxi.

Taxi from Semarang Airport to Yogyakarta

The older and more beaten up the car, the cheaper the ride. There are plenty of unofficial taxis floating around, but these are just men trying to make a living. As always, use your common sense, share a taxi with others when possible and don’t get in a car if your gut tells you not to.

Our taxi was a tiny tin box with no air-con. We were crammed in there for four hours on the bumpy roads from Semarang to Yogyakarta. We didn’t arrive in Yogyakarta until 6pm and we only paid 520,000 IDR (36€) between the four of us for the pleasure. This price included the tolls.

Where to find a taxi at Semarang Airport

You will always find someone willing to take you to your destination for a fee in Indonesia. Simply step outside the airport and they will come to you. There is an official taxi desk at the airport but on this occasion we dealt directly with the driver.

To Sum Up: How to get from Kalimantan to Yogyakarta

  1. Fly from Pangkalan Bun to Semarang with Kalstar.
  2. Take taxi from Semarang Airport to Yogyakarta (four hours).
  3. Price to pay for taxi: 520,000 IDR incl. tolls.
  4. Agree everything before getting in the vehicle and make sure the driver will take you to your hotel.

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