Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all…

In a few hours begins a brand new year and in some places it has already arrived.

I would like to make a recommendation for new years celebrations…

Fireworks Alcudia

Step into my shoes… This is what I will be doing at midnight:

Well, if you want the short story I’ll be eating grapes! Twelve of them to be precise. Or more accurately, if it’s like the other years I’ll be choking on them!

Why? I hear you ask. Why will I be eating grapes? Well that answer is simple: I’m in Spain and that’s what we do here. When those 12 chimes of the bells announce midnight we pop one grape in our mouth for each chime. And even though I live in a wine producing region, the biggest grape sales of the year are on noche vieja (or old night – known to the rest of us as New Year’s Eve).

Oh, you meant why will I be choking on them? Gotcha. That is because I will either end up with 12 grapes stuffed in my mouth (which will make me choke) or I will end up with a chewed up mush of grapes in my mouth (which will make me choke). They say that those who make it past midnight are going to have a great year ahead!

How I wish I was American right now where they all raise their glass at midnight and then snog someone. Or Irish, where they all careen around trying to sing a song as old as time itself which no one knows the whole way through.

Fireworks Alcudia

This year the grapes will be eaten at Seamus’ house (yes, and for those of you who recognise the name, we’ll probably have a rendition of Old Lang Syne too). He is the host this year. Normally the party is at my house because I live closest to the old town where the post-midnight celebrations take place but I couldn’t face another new year’s day hangover in a post-party zone.

So this year the responsibility to organise the grapes falls on Seamus. I’m glad it didn’t fall on me because I forgot last year and have had people blaming me for their misfortunes for 12 months! Normally I make cute little packets with twelve grapes in them and hand them out to each guest. Last year I realised at a quarter to midnight that we hadn’t bought grapes and we had to do it with olives! People were not impressed!

After the party at Seamus’ house we will be making our way to the old town of Alcudia where the main square is, just by the town hall.

Fireworks Alcudia

All the bars in the square have make-shift bars outside their businesses so that they can serve drinks in the square and there is a huge tent with live music and then a DJ until about 7 o’clock in the morning. Everyone, from teenagers to grannies, gets drunk and dances. There is always a great atmosphere and sense of fun.

The first year I spent New Year in Alcudia I absolutely loved it; I couldn’t believe that all the entertainment was for free and all the people were in one place… and the weather!

Of course, I had been used to spending new year in England with freezing weather and where the nightclubs charge a door price of about £30 per person plus extortionate drinks and a charge of about £5 to put your coat in the cloakroom. Not to mention the price of a taxi and the 2am queue in the freezing cold. You know what I’m talking about.

Since having spent new year in Alcudia I have never spent the celebration anywhere else. And when people ask me what to do for New Year’s Eve I always suggest Mallorca. And they always love it. So what are you waiting for?

Happy New Year to all, happy travels for 2013… and please take the time to de-stone the grapes before the bells start chiming.

What are your New Year’s Eve plans or traditions? Please share in the comments.

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