Wild Horses

We felt the breeze in our hair and threw caution to the wind as we elegantly galloped along the white sands leaving admiring faces in a cloud of dust behind us.

Horse Riding Mallorca

Well, it wasn’t quite like that!

Here’s what really happened when we went to Rancho Grande Horse Riding and Barbecue

Arrival At Rancho Grande

Horse Riding Mallorca

This was a team outing from No Frills Excursions, so there was a decent sized group of us. We were going there to check out the new Horse Riding on the Beach option that Rancho Grande offers this year.

We walked past monkeys, parrots and reptiles and were given a welcome glass of sangria to give us more confidence to get on a horse later.

We were met by Pep, the owner and he had a drink with us before we got kitted out in riding hats.

Horse Riding Mallorca

Then we were led to the corral…

Horse Riding

The horses stood still for long enough for the experts to hoist us up and we were off. We could see the experienced riders in the distance looking very at home on the saddle, cantering on the horizon.

It was all we could do to stay in the saddle, let alone stop the horses from eating the grass and other vegetation as we had been instructed to do.

We set off at a painfully slow walk – in fact “walk” is too energetic a word for the pitifully slow pace we set off at.

Horse Riding Mallorca

In a line we slowly moved forward feeling confident that the experienced horses were used to carrying useless lumps like us through the woods. The experts encouraged us forward and told us we were doing great.

In our group of wanna-be cowboys we also had two young cowgirls of five and eight years, who took to the riding like ducks to water. The girls were loving every minute of it and the pros were great with them; encouraging them and giving them confidence.

Horse Riding Mallorca Horse Riding Mallorca

Gradually we picked up the pace a little and it seemed that we would indeed get back to the ranch in time for the barbecue feast that Pep had promised us.

Our procession moved forward through the trees and fields, the line changing sometimes as one horse or another stopped for a dump or a nibble (or both) and had to be coaxed back to its mission.

Some of us had done horse riding before but despite that, we were all clueless.

Horse Riding Mallorca

Horse Riding on the Beach

After 40 minutes riding, we had left the vast grounds of Rancho Grande and the ground under foot became soft as it turned to sand. And presently we found ourselves on the beach with a fantastic view of Alcudia Bay stretching out in front of us.

What an amazing feeling as we really did feel the sea breeze on our faces, and we relaxed with the horses as they frolicked around on the beach with pleasure.

Horse Riding Mallorca

We went along the beach and over the dunes and back through the woods the way that we’d come.

By this time the sun was getting low and riders and horses cast long shadows on the ground. There was a warm orange glow all through the sky and everyone was in great spirits as we rode (yes, we were riders now) back to the ranch.

Horse Riding Mallorca

Dismounting was awkward, but with a shake, a kick and a grunt, the horse gave us a helping hand! We all pulled our riding hats off, congratulated each other for staying on the damn thing and complained about how much this would hurt tomorrow!

Horse Riding Mallorca

A Barbecue fit for a Cowboy

We re-joined those of our group who had politely declined the thrill of the ride and we all headed for the long, rustic tables for a cowboy feast.

Horse Riding Mallorca

The Feast

The food at Rancho Grande is great: the meat was grilled freshly on the barbecue and there were steaks, chops and fillets. There was salad and potatoes and there was as much wine or sangria as we could get through. It was a real hearty feast and was delicious.

Everyone was in great spirits, chatting animatedly about their respective horse’s antics. When I think about how delicious the food was at Rancho Grande, compared to the limp sausages and dry chicken at Pirates Adventure a few weeks previously I could hardly believe that both trips were the same price.

There was a great atmosphere around the long table as freshly barbecued meat kept coming and jugs of wine were passed down the table.

Cotton Eyed Cowboys

The band, that had been playing soft country blues, suddenly upped the tempo and started a lively rendition of Cotton Eyed Joe, while the riding experts who had taken us to the beach on the horses started jigging around with a very professional line dancing demonstration.

People clapped and cheered and then the class began.

Those who had finished eating were lined up on the dance floor following the instructions of the cowboys and learning to line dance. It was great fun for the participants and even greater fun for those watching.

Rancho Grande Farm

Rancho Grande Rancho Grande Rancho Grande

We left the line dancers to it and went for a stroll around the farm. It wasn’t just for the kids and we all marvelled at the elegance of the ostriches, the minuteness of the black piglets and the cheekiness of the monkeys.

There was loads of space for the kids to run around and they had an absolute blast.

How to Book Horse Riding in Mallorca

If you want to experience the same fun and excitement that we had on that evening, all you need to do is click on one of the links below. Don’t worry if you have never had any riding experience before: they will put you into groups according to ability…

For Rancho Grande Horse Riding on the Beach click here.

For Rancho Grande Horse Riding and Barbecue click here.

And don’t forget, you can discover many more fun days out in Mallorca if you click here.

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  1. susan sykes says:

    This sounds like a great fun filled trip I think I might even have a go at this, and I can certainly line dance!!! even if I don’t know how to climb onto a horse.
    I have eaten at Rancho Grande and I agree the food is lovely I had the kebab and it was delicious, look forward to going back there next time I am in Mallorcan (October)

    • Lisa says:

      You certainly can line dance! I think if you check Facebook you’ll find you have already been signed up for this trip by a very good friend of yours…. 😉

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