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Just to let you know what’s going on, what plans we have and where we are. Here’s a little InMyShoesTravel update:


As you may know, I have just been backpacking around Indonesia for one month.

You probably know that Indonesia is a country made up of hundreds of islands in Southeast Asia. I have been on the islands of Java, Kalimantan, Bali, Gili, Rinca, Komodo and Kanawa.

I have spend time in the Borneo Rainforest, on perfect beaches on almost deserted islands, trekking up and down volcanoes and visiting the cities.

I have seen orangutans, crocodiles, tarantulas, monkeys, komodo dragons, wild deer, wild boar and water buffalo – and I haven’t been anywhere near a safari park or a zoo; all have been in their natural habitats.

At the moment I am processing and organising all the photos from this amazing adventure and I am looking forward to sharing them with you right here on the blog very soon.


Semi-wild orangutans snacking in Tanjung Puting National Park, Indonesia

Where I am right now and next plans

So as I have said, I am back from that trip to Indonesia. I’m now at home in Mallorca where I will be based for the rest of the winter.

However, I am already planning some exciting trips for during the winter time:


After having such a great time in Cologne last December, strolling around the Christmas markets and drinking gluwein, as well as discovering what a great city Cologne is, I have decided to try another of Germany’s Rhine cities: Dusseldorf.

I’m looking forward to the festive Christmas markets, the jolly cheer, and once again, toasting my hands on a steaming mug of gluwein.

I’ll be going next Thursday for a long weekend until Monday. I’ll be there with Toni, who you know and we will also meet my parents there, who loved my tales of last year’s visit to Cologne so much that they decided a visit to the German Christmas markets would be in order.


In January I will be going to Bilbao, my favourite Spanish city for gastronomy. With such a huge amount of great restaurants, this will be a purely gastronomic trip filled with great tapas, excellent wine and a fantastic atmosphere.

As well as checking out the tapas around main square and hidden streets, I’ll also be eating at Azurmendi. This was a birthday present from my very thoughtful boyfriend.

Rias Baixas

You might not have heard of this region of Spain, but I bet you have heard of Santiago de Compostela, right? Well Rias Baixas is the stunning green landscape around Santiago, filled with beautiful rivers, gently rolling hills and splendid scenery.

Toni and I are taking his parents on a road trip for five days around the region. There’ll be antics galore for me to report to you in February.


In March the backpack is coming out again and I am going for the very first time to Italy. This is the trip that I’m so excited about.

It will last about ten days and I’ll be discovering Florence itself, Luca and Pisa as well as taking the odd detour into some little rural back water places to get a feel of the more typical Italy.

I plan to drink rustic wine, try real pizzas and learn how to say “Mama Mia” with the correct accent and gesture!

Destination of the Month

Every month we have a Destination of the Month, where we focus on one particular place or theme and build up a mini-guide to that place over the course of the month. This theme runs alongside everything else that is happening and we still talk about different travels and what’s going on in the moment.


Our destination of the month at the moment is still Vietnam – yes, I know that it was supposed to be in October and now we are in December but it was such an amazing trip and I have so much to say about it. I spent a whole month backpacking around Vietnam and did so many amazing things. You can see the itinerary here.

So Backpacking Vietnam will be Destination of the month until the end of December.

Markets of the World

Then we will kick off the new year with a brand new Destination of the Month, which will be a theme rather than a specific place: Markets of the World.

We will check out which markets are the most vibrant and exciting, which markets have the best bargains, and which markets have such a great atmosphere that the shopping itself fades into the background.

Borneo Rainforest

And then we will be spending a month in the Borneo Rainforest – what more exotic place?

We will be staying onboard a klotok (Indonesian-style river boat) for three nights, getting close to nature (sometimes too close) as we sleep on the deck with all the sounds of the jungle. We will learn about the intelligent and sensitive orangutans as well as finding out what else is lurking in the rainforest.

So what do you think? Are you onboard?

Are you ready to join me on all those adventures? I am, let’s go…

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    lovely can’t wait to hear everything, especially the rain forest.

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