Jet2: Is This The Way To Handle Baggage Or Treat Customers?

The terrible customer service that Jet2 offers its customers is a disgrace and you should read this before booking.

As you know, I was just in Leeds, visiting family over Christmas. While I was there, I was having a good catch-up with my mum about holidays and plans and she started to tell me about what had happened when her luggage got damaged on a Jet2 flight…

As I listened to the happenings I became more and more dumbfounded by the way she had been treated by Jet2.

Damaged Luggage

My mum had bought my dad a good suitcase for travelling and he’d only used it a couple of times before it got damaged on a Jet2 flight.

While they were waiting for their suitcases on arrival at Leeds/Bradford after visiting me in Mallorca in October, they realised that all the frame had been badly damaged.

No Jet2 staff around to help

Despite Jet2 having a flight landing, there was no staff at the Jet2 desk where my parents went to report the damage.

They knew that if they left the airport without filing a report they would have no chance whatsoever at any claim. So they waited and waited for someone to come to the desk.

Finally a PSA (passenger service assistant(?)) by the name of K arrived. She apologised for the delay and said that they shouldn’t have had to wait for so long (it had been over 20 minutes). She said that really they needed to speak to L or R from baggage, but she didn’t know where they were or if they were there so she filled the form out with my parents herself.

They were given these two names; L and R, and were told to wait to be contacted by one of these two people.

My mum queried it and suggested that it was more normal for her to contact Jet2 to make a claim instead, but she was assured that L or R would be in touch and not to worry. And there was no telephone number on the form that they were given, so they took K’s word for it.

I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I tell you that they are still waiting for one of these people to get in touch with them.

Jet2 doesn’t do what it says it will do

After a week, they had not been contacted by anybody from Jet2 so my mum sent an email to their customer service department explaining what had happened and complained that she had received no phone call from either of the two people that were supposed to contact her.

She received a reply after a day saying that she had to send all this information by post instead and include baggage tags and a copy of the airport claim form. Which she did. Then she received a reply by post telling her, get this:


Now they could do nothing, they said.

Obviously my mum replied, explaining that they had reported it immediately, and that they had been waiting for a call from either L or R, just as they had been told in the airport. That she had then sent an email when she realised that no one was calling her. That she had then sent the required information by post as request. Honestly, what more is a customer to do? Go to the Jet2 head office in person with the broken suitcase?

Jet2 makes a mistake and we pay

The answer from Jet2 was that the information they had been given at the airport (from Jet2 staff!) was not correct and now they could do nothing about it as too much time had elapsed since the incident.

As far as Jet2 was concerned, that was the end of it.

Well I’m sorry Jet2, but that’s just not good enough. Where is your sense of logic? Your ground staff is not around, someone who works elsewhere has to do their best to help, said person gives the wrong information, and what? It’s all the customer’s fault?


What do you think dear traveller? Should big companies just be allowed to fob us off this way? Has anything like this ever happened to you?

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  1. susan sykes says:

    This is exactly how it happened, and as you say we are still waiting for someone to actually contact us. I was actually 1 day late in e.mailing them, but as we were told to wait until L or R contacted us and they didn’t I think that Jet 2 should have allowed us the extra day to submit the claim

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