Katmandu Park: Turn Your World Upside Down

When I describe Katmandu Park in Mallorca to people, they don’t look very impressed; they ask me if it’s just cinemas. People don’t want to go the cinema on their summer holiday.

It’s not cinemas though, it’s a theme park that has rides with screens.

When I show people Katmandu Park, then they realise what an adventure they are in for.

I’ll tell you what Katmandu Park in Mallorca is: it is one of the most fun days out yet one of the hardest places to describe.

Katmandu Park is a place where anything is possible and visitors should expect the unexpected.

Katmandu Park is one of the best value for money experiences you can find in Mallorca this year.

Turn your world upside down

This is what they say on Katmandu Park website: “Turn your world upside down.”

katmandu park majorca

Katmandu Park in the beginning

To start with, Katmandu Park was just “The House of Katmandu”, which was, and is indeed, an upside down house full of surprises.

Shaky Start

The House of Katmandu, as it was known six years ago when it landed upside down in the centre of Magaluf, got off to a very shaky start, with a massive power cut on opening night.

All the tour operators, including our small team from No Frills Excursions, had gone there to be wowed by the House of Katmandu and to decide whether to put it on their summer excursion programme or not. Already one month late, the inauguration took place despite the house not being quite ready, and as we were half way around the fun house, all the lights went out and left us all in pitch darkness. People were forced to try to find their way out of the maze-like house by the light of their mobile phones.

Katmandu Park Now

Nowadays the generators never fail and the house has been added to so much that it is unrecognisable compared to that first open evening.

Nowadays I can confidently recommend Katmandu Park knowing that my clients are going to have a fun-filled day or evening out and that they will be looked after and will have a great time.

And what’s more, I get to go there myself to check out all the cool stuff…

My Experience at Katmandu Park

We were a crowd of about 15 when we went to Katmandu Park and we did everything. We went in the evening after work so we didn’t have as long as you would need really: you can easily fill a whole day at Katmandu Park.

4D Cinema

We started with the 4D cinema ride. This is my favourite attraction and is for the whole family. We even took Henry the elephant with us!

Katmandu Park, Majorca

We watched Jett and Jin, my favourite film in the 4D cinema, where you step into the shoes of Jett’s clumsy pet cat Jin, and fly through the air on an adventure to get Jett to school when he has missed the school bus!

Each 4D movie lasts 12 minutes and there are four to choose from. With the Katmandu Park VIP package you can go in and out of the 4D cinema as many times as you like.

What Makes it a 4D cinema?

This is quite simple really: you know what a 3D cinema is, don’t you? Where you put on those glasses and it looks like things are coming off the screen towards you, as though you could reach out and touch things.

Well the fourth dimension is when your seat moves as well, making the experience even more real.

The Asylum

The Asylum carries a warning: unsuitable for under 12’s. Children under 12 can only go in the Asylum with their parents’ consent.

The Asylum is a 5D cinema – yes, as if 4D was not enough! 5D is the same as 4D but things also touch you; it rains on your face and, in the case of The Asylum, the beetles get your legs – eurrgh!

The Asylum is an abandoned mental hospital and during the ride we journey through the ruins where all kinds of tortured spirits persecute and torment us.

Personally I did not find it that scary, and neither did the four year old child next to me (who, nevertheless, probably had nightmares that night). But I did think that it was very cleverly done.

I did have one silly friend who left half way through because she was so terrified, but I am absolutely certain that she was just seeking attention – I would never recommend you to watch it if I thought that it was going to terrify the hell out of you! But you have been warned…

The House of Katmandu

The crazy house is the highlight of Katmandu Park, starting when you step out of the rickety elevator after having travelled 46 floors underground (in reality the lift just turns around and does not go up or down at all, it just shakes you around and you feel like you are descending).

The moment you emerge from the lift you find yourself in a maze of ice and mirrors which you have to find your way through to continue.

Katmandu Park, Magaluf, Mallorca Katmandu Park, Magaluf, Mallorca Katmandu Park, Magaluf, Mallorca

You go through the musical room where all the instruments are played by laser,  you go through the enchanted forest full of magical creatures and, my favourite, you have to walk through the tilted room where everything is slanted and you have to battle against gravity to stay upright.

There’s the 3D shark, there’s the revolving tunnel, the virtual aquarium and the mind-boggling contraptions.

All visitors are encouraged to touch, and nothing is out of bounds or off limits.

Like all of Katmandu Park, the interactive house is best explained visually, so here are a few photos from my last visit:

Katmandu Park, Magaluf, Mallorca

Katmandu Park, Magaluf, Mallorca

Katmandu Park, Magaluf, Mallorca

Katmandu Park, Magaluf, Mallorca

Katmandu Park, Magaluf, Mallorca


The Desperados ride is my least favourite thing about Katmandu Park, but that’s probably because I always lose! You sit on a horse – no, not a real one! If you want to ride a real horse you go to Rancho Grande. This one is entirely mechanical, though I’m sure mine did have a mind of its own.

You are in the wild west and you are the sheriff, chasing the baddies out of town. So you have to stay on this “horse” – not recommended for anyone who couldn’t get on a camel… mum! – and you also have a rifle with which you have to shoot at the screen, making sure you aim for the outlaws and not for the innocent bystanders that pop up out of nowhere.

If you fail miserably, like I did, then you can have another go. If you fail again, it’s time to move on to the golf!

Expedition Golf

The crazy golf in Katmandu Park is one of the best I have ever played and it is also included in the VIP package.

There are two courses: Ice and Fire. Fire is the hard one, so as you have probably guessed, me and my motley crew were quite challenged enough with the Ice route.

This crazy golf breaks up the day nicely because you spend so much time being jolted around on virtual rides and spending time indoors in the house that it’s nice to be outside in the fresh air enjoying yet another dimension of fun.

The Future of Katmandu Park

After the shaky launch of Katmandu Park, the future has been bright: every year millions of euros are invested in expanding the park and introducing new attractions. Every time I go there is another ‘D’ added to the number of dimensions in any one cinema – just a note for Katmandu Park: you are all set for virtual rides, as good as they are, you don’t need more cinemas!

The first thing to be added was the bar and restaurant and it is now a popular night spot in Magaluf. Then the Expedition Golf was built.

Then the house had a big face lift and the word “artefact” became taboo and the word “interactive” was introduced, making the house itself no longer a museum but turning it into a thrilling, interactive experience.

Katmandu Park is currently big but it will soon be massive as more plans for expansion are in the making and there is talk of introducing real rides (as opposed to virtual rides). The park owns so much surrounding land that is waiting for development, that expansion is not a problem. And the money pit seems to be endless too.

Sol Melia

The latest exciting development at Katmandu Park has been the teaming up with huge hotel chain Sol Melia. The hotel Sol Magalluf Park, right next to Katmandu Park has been renovated and incorporated into the park, changing its name to Sol Katmandu Park and Resort.

All guests at the hotel have a free Play Pass into Katmandu Park and, as of next year, they will be able to land in Katmandu directly from the hotel on a zip-line – wow! The hotel is also going to have a huge yeti attached to the façade, which will move up and down stopping every passer-by in their tracks.

And this is only the beginning: plans are already underway to build a Katmandu Park and resort in the Canary Islands.

And to think, it all started with that pitiful inauguration that left all the potential sellers, quite literally, in the dark!

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  1. susan sykes says:

    Yes it’s true I can’t get on a camel so I would have no chance on a mechanical horse!!! I never realised what Katmandu was all about, I thought it was just an upside down house, but clearly it’s much more than that, it sounds good fun, and it seems like our trip to Mallorca in October is going to be very busy!

    • Lisa says:

      Haha you are influenced so easily! Yes, Katmandu is much more than just the house nowadays and is constantly growing! Soon it will take over the island… 😮

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