Klotok Tour Itinerary

Here I’m going to outline for you the exact klotok tour itinerary that we followed.

If you are seriously thinking about going to Borneo and staying on a klotok for a few days then you need to have your itinerary clear.

klotok tour itinerary

We were four people and we paid 7,500,000 (seven and a half million) rupiahs in total (approx. 120€ each). Everything that I mention here was included in that price. We did not use cash at all during our stay.

This price included the three crew members that looked after us during our stay in the rainforest, our guide who was with us 24/7 and the whole klotok tour itinerary. In fact, it was our guide who arranged the whole trip.

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Our Klotok Tour Itinerary

Day 1

One hour flight from Jakarta (CGK) at 09:10 to Pangkalan Bun (PKN) landing at 10:10 with Trigana Air. Note: half an hour delay. This is nothing when travelling with local Indonesian airlines.

We were met at the airport by Iim, our guide.

Taxi transfer from airport to klotok, approx 20 minutes, with en route stop to photocopy passports for national park entrances.

Lunch onboard klotok while travelling (after the rain finally subsided) on Sekonyer River to first feeding station.

klotok tour itinerary

Short walk in jungle to feeding station to watch orangutan feeding at 15:00. read here about Banana o’clock.

Back to the boat and drive to near the second feeding station and moor for the evening.

Dinner onboard at 18:00 then sleep (don’t forget, our arrival in Kalimantan was only one day after our arrival in Indonesia and not only were we very tired but we were also jet lagged). We slept on the deck. If you want to know more about sleeping on a klotok read here.

Day 2

Awake at dawn – 06:00.

Klotok tour itinerary

Breakfast onboard the klotok at 07:00.

Short walk in jungle to Feeding Station Two to watch orangutan feeding at 10:00. Visit to visitor centre and trek in forest.

Back to klotok for lunch and drive to Camp Leakey, crossing from Sekonyer River to Camp Leakey River. read about Camp Leakey here.

Watch orangutan feeding in Camp Leakey at 14:00.

Back to boat for rest and deep-fried banana snack (delicious), then night walk at 18:00 lasting approx. one and half hours.

Dinner on boat after night walk, then sleep.

Day 3

Awake at dawn – 06:00.

Breakfast onboard the klotok at 07:00.

Trek in Camp Leakey at 08:00 for approx. four hours.

Lunch on klotok at 12:30.

Return to Camp Leakey to watch orangutan feeding at 14:00.

Back to boat after feeding at about 16:30 and immediately leave Camp Leakey, going back the way we came and cross to Sekonyer River. Deep-fried banana snacks onboard.

Moor near Feeding Station One at 19:00 and have dinner onboard while observing fireflies twinkling in the trees. Then bed.

Day 4

Awake at dawn – 06:00.

Breakfast onboard the klotok at 07:00.

Return to starting point. Take leave of klotok and crew.

Accompanied by guide in taxi to airport via Dayak longhouse (traditional community building in Dayak community used like a village hall).

Klotok tour itinerary

Flight from Pangkalan Bun to Semarang at 12:40.


So there you have it, the whole itinerary. Now you can use it when you book to make sure you get something similar. The only things that weren’t included in all this were the flights and the 20€ tip we gave the guide.

If you are planning a similar trip and you need some advice about the itinerary, don’t hesitate to contact me, either here in the comments, via Twitter, Google Plus or Facebook.

Of everything mentioned above guess what was the highlight…


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