Kupu-Kupu Foundation in Ubud

The Kupu-Kupu Foundation in Ubud was founded by a Spanish woman who has lived in Bali for quite some years.

When I was in Ubud I had the pleasure of meeting Begonia and some of the charming disabled people that she works to provide a better life for.

The Kupu-Kupu Foundation

I’m not sure who set up the foundation or whose idea it was or even how many people are involved, but I do know that Begonia is one of the key people responsible for increasing the quality of life of people with disabilities in Ubud and in Bangli, where they are also based. The Kupu-Kupu Foundation is a charity registered in Spain.

The Kupu-Kupu Foundation encourages disabled people to support themselves (the extent to which they can, depending on the individual disability) by creating art and handicrafts, which are then exhibited in the Kupu-Kupu shop where passers-by can come in and buy the pieces.

kupu-kupu foundation ubud bali

Kupu-Kupu Shop (click photo for source)

Check out the foundation’s website for more about the work they do in the community.

Location of Kupu-Kupu Foundation

The Kupu-Kupu Foundation is set back away from the main tourist area but it is possible to walk from the centre of Ubud, which I vividly remember doing one day in the pouring rain when we had arranged to meet Begonia there.

The actual shop itself is more centrally located on Jalan Raya Ubud, quite close to Ubud Market.

How I found out about the Kupu-Kupu Foundation in Ubud

As you know, in Indonesia I was travelling with three Spanish people. As you can well imagine, anything that is offered to foreigners in South-East Asia is generally offered in English.

It just so happens that one of my friends came across an organisation that could supply Spanish-speaking local guides in Bali, so we were quite interested.

And the contact just so happened to be that of Begonia.

So we contacted her about the guide and met her to iron out the details.

We did, in fact end up contracting the guide for a day and he took us all around Bali’s countryside, showing us some amazing landscape and some of the fantastic Hindu temples around the area. You can read about that fantastic day out here.

Meeting Begonia

When we met Begonia it was clear she was wildly enthusiastic about the foundation and the work that they do as well as about Ubud itself. Her positive outlook is bound to rub off on anyone that spends time with her.

She was also interested in our trip and gave us plenty of suggestions about where to eat local food in Ubud as well as a few tips about the best way to get to the Gili Islands, our next stop.

It was Begonia that recommended us the Bali dances at Saraswati Temple, just down the road. She even arranged to meet us there and saved us seats.

So if you are in Ubud for a few days, I highly recommend that you seek out Begonia and have a chat with her. The best place to start would be at the Kupu-Kupu shop. You might also see something you want to buy, helping the local community in the process.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Hello Begonia,
    I am looking for my dear friend Daniel Lalande. I have not seen or heard from him in many years but we met in NYC years ago .He told me about the Kupa Kupa foundation and your beautiful work there. I am thrilled to know your work continues to help others in such an amazing way. Please reply to me when possible. Thank you!!!

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