Labuan Bajo Airport & Our Arrival on Flores Island

We landed at Labuan Bajo Airport in a tiny tin capsule of an aircraft from Bali and were ushered into the arrivals hall straight from where the plane had pulled up like a taxi right outside the door.

labuan bajo airport

Our first view of Labuan Bajo when we came from the airport

The arrivals hall at Labuan Bajo Airport was just a big room, a bit like a large classroom that’d had all its desks removed or a hall at a village community centre. It was just an empty space, no luggage belt, just a couple of holes in the floor at one end with a sign confirming my suspicions that these were indeed the toilets.

I therefore held on to my pee as I had grown accustomed in Indonesia and presently the luggage was wheeled from the plane to the door on a two-wheel cart and was passed through a hatch one piece at a time. We were able to claim our bags on production of our baggage receipt.

Then it was time to find a taxi. With our backpacks and luggage we made our way toward the gauntlet of clamouring, bickering men shouting ‘taxi’ and pushed our way through.

There aren’t any actual taxis at Labuan Bajo Airport and it’s simply a matter of finding a guy with a car – well, don’t worry, he’ll find you – and paying a flat rate of 50,000rp. For that fee he’ll take you to your hotel in Labuan Bajo.

At Labuan Bajo Airport there’s no negotiating the taxi fare as all the drivers here have an agreement: they won’t ask you more and you can’t offer less. In fact, if you don’t want to pay 50,000rp they will just let you walk away. They know that you don’t have any choice and will eventually turn back to them.

It’s not a bad price but it’s expensive for Indonesia as it’s not a long drive into town from Labuan Bajo Airport.

Read more about Labuan Bajo here.

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