Why My Last Visit To Diverxo Was My Least Favourite

You’ve probably guessed already after reading yesterday’s post about Diverxo why this last visit was my least favourite of the four times I’ve dined there – too weird.

This is the second of two posts about Diverxo as part of my current Madrid Gastronomy theme. Here I’ll be telling you why my last visit to Diverxo was my least favourite visit of four.

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Read here a post from a previous visit to Diverxo where I share the whole experience.

When I visited Diverxo for the fourth time (but first time at their new location) in January of this year, it was my least favourite visit. But don’t get me wrong, it was still phenomenal and if you haven’t been yet then I highly recommend you book a table.

Diverxo, Madrid Diverxo, Madrid Diverxo, Madrid

Diverxo 2012

Diverxo, Madrid Diverxo, Madrid Diverxo, Madrid

Diverxo 2012

When Toni and I first went to Diverxo in January of 2012, I loved it and Toni didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, he liked it, but I think he was so shocked and disgusted with their arrogance when we weren’t allowed to have the long tasting menu due to the fact that I don’t eat seafood. That had never happened to us anywhere else. And it’s true, they really do have this attitude that says: “Don’t like it? Go somewhere else.”

On that visit, Toni had enjoyed the food, but because the attitude had already left such a bad taste in his mouth, he wasn’t able to enjoy the experience as much as he should have.

However, I left raving about how great the meal had been. And the concept (they already did the blank canvas thing then too). As time went on, Toni sort of forgot the frustration he’d felt on the day, but remembered how great the meal had been. And before long, we were both excited to return.

diverxo 2013

Diverxo 2013

Diverxo Oct 2013 Diverxo Oct 2013 Diverxo Oct 2013

Always more impressed

The following time at Diverxo and the following, we were more and more impressed by how they developed the concept of adding to the dishes while you’re eating them, and the enigmatic way of serving, which made Diverxo really unique.

New for 2015

Until we get to January 2015, our fourth visit to Diverxo only three years since our first visit.

There had been a lot of developments in Diverxo during these three years – such a lot of changes in such a small amount of time: the restaurant had gone from having one Michelin Star in 2012 to having three Michelin Stars in 2015.

The restaurant was now on bigger and better premises, with the support of a hotel chain, with an amazing new dining room, which had clearly been designed especially for Diverxo.

But here’s the thing: the new dream dining room was enough to make the existing menus even more exciting. The previous menus were enough on their own to be spectacular. The food was already spectacular. It was the best, or among the best, in Spain.

So what happened?

It got too weird.

Head chef and owner, David Muñoz, didn’t realise that he was already the best of the best. He didn’t realise that the quality and consistency of the dishes was what made people return time after time. Diverxo had reached it’s absolute peak and the new premises made it even better. But he wouldn’t stop there.

Diverxo 2015 "El Xow" Diverxo 2015 "El Xow" Diverxo 2015 "El Xow"

Diverxo 2015

Diverxo 2015 "El Xow" Diverxo 2015 "El Xow" Diverxo 2015 "El Xow"

He tried to do too much. He went too far. The last menu I ate at Diverxo was chaotic and without consistency. Of course, some things did have consistency and purpose, like the starters and the desserts, but in the middle, the dishes were crazy and senseless. Unfortunately a show needs a beginning, a middle and an end. This show’s middle was far too confusing.

Same with the service; sometimes we finished one dish and the next was upon us. Sometimes we had to wait fifteen minutes! ‘Random’ is the only word that describes it.

Diverxo 2015 "El Xow"

I don’t need prawns dangling from the light.

As a diner, I don’t need a curtain drawn around me and a tacky music box playing 1970s French music while two waiters stand by the table stiff and awkward for five minutes without speaking, until someone tells them that now, finally, they can uncover the dish that is on the table in front of me.

I don’t need someone spoon-feeding me.

And I certainly don’t need to stand up and reach up to the lampshade to eat a prawn that has been dangling there on a string since before we walked in (okay, I didn’t do that because I don’t eat prawns).

What I do need is for a glass of wine to be served to me when I ask for a glass of wine, and not to be forgotten due to so much emphasis on weird and random things.

To conclude:

I think that when chefs change their menus it must always be for the better. It’s normal that chefs want to evolve and develop their style, go that one step further. But don’t ever neglect the basics. Remember the reason that the diner has returned: quality and consistency. A great experience. Remember, dear chefs, that the experience is for your customer, not for you.

Would I still return to Diverxo? Yes. I’d go back tomorrow. It’s still one of my favourite restaurants.

Would I be really annoyed if they gave me problems yet again about having the long tasting menu without seafood? Yes, I’d be furious – again.

Was the most expensive tasting menu I’ve ever had in Spain good value for money? Absolutely. Worth every penny.

What about you? Would you eat at Diverxo? Would you spend 200€ per person on a tasting menu without drinks? Have you been to Diverxo? What about other restaurants in Madrid?

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