Leeds in Five Photos

Leeds is Destination of the Month at the moment. Here are five of my favourite photos of the city from my last visit:

Leeds Kirkgate Market

Leeds Market

This is Leeds Kirkgate Market, the largest indoor market in England. Marks & Spencer started its Penny Bazaar here and this is the clock that they presented to the market for their centenary.

Leeds Corn Exchange

Leeds Corn Exchange

This is Leeds Corn Exchange; another historical building. Victorian architecture at its most splendid: this building, as the name suggests, was the corn market. It now houses galleries with interesting shops around its balconies.

Leeds’ Golden Postboxes


After the London olympics last year, Leeds was so proud of its athletes’ performance that for every gold medal won they painted a different post box in the city gold. These golden post boxes near Leeds Town Hall are dedicated to Nicola Adams for winning the first ever women’s olympic flyweight boxing event.

Leeds Arcades

Leeds Arcades

This is Leeds County Arcade. Leeds would just be any other British city centre if it were not peppered with these architectural gems in throughout the city centre. Read more about Leeds Arcades.

Dyson’s Clock

Dysons Clock

This photo of the famous Dyson’s Clock landmark in Leeds represents the diversity of Leeds: Once the mark of the jeweller and clock maker, John Dyson, it is now an Indian restaurant. The old buildings and historical landmarks are well preserved, to the credit of Leeds, and the new and modern is integrated well, giving a diverse and exciting feel to the city.

Make sure you read my other Leeds posts and follow the blog for more Leeds this month.

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  1. susan sykes says:

    These are really good photos, the one of Dyson’s clock brings back a lot of memories, everyone used to arrange to meet under Dyson’s clock, it was an expensive jewellers, but as you say it is now a restaurant.
    I also liked the Marks and Spencer clock in Leeds market it is where mr Marks met mr Spencer.

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