Life in the Mekong Delta

Life in the Mekong Delta might seem charming and romantic to visitors who think about the simple boats making their way up and down the river, on which the people live, trade and basically exist.

However, life in the Mekong Delta is, in reality, full of hardship, relative poverty and fear of the very waterway which sustains life – at least for those people who live on the river itself. Much of the year, the Mekong River floods here in the delta, leaving people stranded, or with damaged homes.

Life in the Mekong Delta

Life in a very flooded Mekong Delta

Life in the Mekong Delta, for those who live on the river itself, can be a filthy affair.

There is an aquatic plant that lives in the Mekong River. It has bright green leaves and it takes root in the water, living in the filthy river, thriving on what the Mekong has to offer.

Life in the Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta mangroves

This is what the Mekong people do too; they build their lives and their homes in and around the filthy Mekong River.

Just like the plant, they throw down roots in the water and the river sustains them. The river is their source of nourishment, of income; it is their toilet, their waste bin, their playground and their bathing place.

For all the creatures that live in the Mekong, the Mekong is their life.

Rich agricultural life in the Mekong Delta

Of course, there are many people for whom life in the Mekong Delta does not necessarily mean living literally in the river; many people live in the Mekong Delta’s towns and cities or in more rural areas where they cultivate rice and other crops that grow with abundance in the Delta.

During my tour of the Mekong Delta, I saw both sides of life in the Mekong Delta by both visiting one of these agricultural farms and by spending time on the river.

I went on a two day tour of the area and learnt plenty about life in the Mekong Delta. You can join me on this tour right here: Mekong Delta Tour.

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